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Lords Of The Fallen: How To Farm Umbral Scouring Quickly To Get Boss Weapons?
Nov 08, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

As you become more familiar with the environmental obstacles and realm-jumping in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll notice that you’re slowly collecting a series of items related to Umbral Scouring. We can use these items as currency to purchase some Boss Remembrances from Molhu in Skyrest Bridge.

Boss Remembrances in Lords of the Fallen are extremely powerful in the hands of characters built around specific accessories and stats. So giving up some currency for a weapon or two might be a good option, depending on the build you want. There are several ways to help you get Umbral Scouring, and this guide will show you all of them.

Lords Of The Fallen: How To Farm Umbral Scouring Quickly To Get Boss Weapons?

Why Look For Umbral Scouring?

Umbral Scouring plays a crucial role in your character, as you can use them to enhance your equipment and abilities. Also, if you want to get Boss Remembrances, you’re going to need a lot of Umbral Scouring.

You can usually get these Umbral Scouring by interacting with Umbral Stigma and killing bosses. But we’re going to share a few more methods you can use here.

How To Farm Umbral Scouring?

There are several ways to farm Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen. Mastering the following methods will improve the efficiency of your Umbral Scouring farming.

Lords of the Fallen Umbral: Scouring Farm - How To Get Umbral Scouring Fast?

Kill Umbral Enemies

You may notice that Umbral Scouring tends to be dropped by Umbral Enemies, such as those Zombie-Spawning Fliers or Reapers. If you have enough LotF Vigor budget, you can enhance your Radiance stat to increase the drop rate of Umbral Scouring. But of course, there’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll get it every time.

Also, there are many unique Umbral Scouring to defeat in the later areas of the game, such as Pilgrim’s Perch and Calrath. If you want to maximize your farming time, we highly recommend farming your Vestige Seed where enemies spawn. This will serve as your checkpoint as you move deeper into monster territory.

Defeat Red Reaper

Red Reaper is currently the strongest Umbral Entity in the game. But once you defeat it, your efforts will not be in vain as it will reward you with 5 Umbral Scouring. Luckily, we have some tips to help you eliminate it.

Red Reaper uses two scythes and has powerful attack power. You need to dodge and keep moving until you find an opening to land a hit.

Since you’ll need to be constantly moving and dodging Red Reaper’s attacks, you’re better off using a weapon that both deals with decent damage and attacks quickly. For this situation, Daggers and Fists work best.

Most importantly, you need to kill Red Reaper before he dives underground. This will save you from long battles.

Lords of the Fallen: Kill Red Reaper Easy and Fast - Umbral Scouring Farm

Interact With Umbral Stigmas

By interacting with Umbral Stigmas, you can gain more Umbral Scouring. Stigmas are fragments of past events that players can see while in Umbral Realm.

Players can find multiple Umbral Stigmas throughout the game. We can see some of which as humanoid figures, often with moths flying around them. When you are close to the moth, you can transform into Umbral and use Soulflay on Stigmas to activate it. You will witness a brief flashback to your past life, and gain Umbral Scouring at the end.

If you are in a rush to farm Umbral Scouring, you can skip the interaction process and Umbral Scouring will still appear in your inventory. Umbral Stigmas will usually reward you with 2 Umbral Scouring, sometimes more.


This is the best way to farm Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen! If you want to get powerful boss items and weapons or armor sets that really take your character to the next level, you need to spend some time getting them.

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