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Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Farm Malignant Ring? - New Malignant Rings Unique Explained
Nov 09, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Malignant Powers from Season 1 are returning to Diablo 4 base game, which means Seasonal Realm and Eternal Realm are about to begin.

Malignant Ring

These new Malignant Ring will return to Diablo 4 as class specific rings, one for each class, and will serve different purposes.

  • Rogue is getting their Decoy Trap back after using Subterfuge Skills.
  • Each unique element used by Sorcerer gains a multiplier damage bonus.
  • Barbarian will gain a guaranteed critical hit after using 100 fury, but will only be critical of certain abilities.
  • Necromancer finally can automatically cast Corpse Skills again.
  • Druid can now pull enemies away from a distance after using Ultimate again.

Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Farm Malignant Ring? - New Malignant Rings Unique Explained

How To Get Malignant Rings?

To get these rings in World Tier 4, you need to do it by collecting Echo of Varshan Body Parts. Including Gurgling Head, Trembling Hand, Blackened Femur, and Malignant Heart.

These Body Parts come from completing Whisper Quests, turning in your Grim Favors at this Tree of Whispers, and opening Whisper Cache.

Another way to get Body Parts is to kill Grotesque Debtors that spawn after completing Whisper Quests. Focus on this spawn indicator and the symbol on the mini-map to know if Grotesque Debtors are spawning. But the most consistent way to find them is after you defeat World Boss, or when they sometimes spawn during this Blood Harvest event.

Echo of Varshan is the same endgame boss that drops one of Duriel King of Maggots’ two summoning items, while the endgame boss drops Uber Uniques.

Diablo 4: New Malignant Rings Unique Explained

Farm Echo Of Varshan

The best way to farm Echo of Varshan Body Parts is to complete Whisper. This Whisper Quests are either fast and bring a lot of Grim Favors, or they give us more opportunities to farm Diablo 4 Gold.

My favorite thing to do is Whisper in a Blood Harvest event, like defeating 2 Blood Seekers. This may actually take about 30 seconds and will give you 3 Grim Favors. Defeating specific enemies can also be easily accomplished by spawning the main event near this Blood Harvest icon, which yields 5 Grim Favors.

If all of this is done, I also like to farm Whisper quickly. If you complete the objectives quickly enough, you can earn 5 Grim Favors every 2 to 5 minutes.

Multipurpose Whispers are those World Bosses and Helltides who have Whisper targets. World Boss will give 5 Grim Favors, but also has a high chance of spawning Grotesque Debtors. For Helltide, you can farm Living Steel to spawn Grigoire, and Whispers to spawn Varshan.

Diablo 4: How To Summon Echo Of Varshan & Farm Materials?

Summon Varshan

Once you have a full set of summoning items, you can head to Malignant Burrow next to Tree of Whispers. After a short distance you’ll reach Summoning Altar, used to summon Echo of Varshan.

Don’t forget to bring Poison Elixirs, as Varshan will deal high poison damage throughout the battle. When Varshan spawns mobs, you need to defeat them before Varshan has a chance to consume them.

Also, be careful with these cone-style telegraphs, they deal high damage and make it difficult to learn different modes. After completing Varshan 5 times, you will receive your first Malignant Ring. We should note that the drop rate of Malignant Ring is not 100%.

In the realm of Diablo 4, Malignant Ring is like a seductive relic. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the world of Diablo, these rings are sure to spark your curiosity. The unique attributes and synergies they offer can redefine your gaming experience, breathing life into established and novel character builds.

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