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Lost Ark: How To Build Remaining Energy DeathBlade After Balance Patches?
Nov 11, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Here, I want to introduce a category in Lost Ark, Deathblade. Since they have patched Deathblade after balance patches. So it would be great to share some variable builds for your Lost Ark journey. Now, come with me and I’ll tell you what you need.

With recent patches, it has changed some mechanics of balance patches and identity loops. So, compared to the common builds of Deathblade around the world, you may not be familiar with it. And, since the balance patch brings big changes to Deathblade, some skill builds or compositions can be more experimental at the moment.

Lost Ark: How To Build Remaining Energy DeathBlade After Balance Patches?

Class Engraving

Let’s start with the most basic thing about this build, Class Engraving I will cover in this guide is Remaining Energy.

Remaining Energy is a Class Engraving that relies on her identity and identity buffs. I think that the key and backbone of Remaining Energy are the buffs obtained after using skills. Of course, Surge itself is also the key damage in DPS proportion.

Following Deathblade’s balance patch on October 18, Remaining Energy made some minor changes to her skill moves. Like before, you need to turn on Surge, and must use it again to fire Surge. But then, for Remaining Energy, whenever you use it, Surge will be triggered immediately.

In addition, some charging skills or casting skills have been changed to normal skills. Therefore, the difficulty of counterattack is also reduced. We cannot use Shackles of Remaining Energy and Super Charge Engraving in actual games.

Lost Ark: Deathblade Remaining Energy vs Surge - What to pick?

Combat Stat & Engraving

Since Deathblade is a fairly old class, more than four years after its release, some stats and engraving builds are fairly constant. Good news or not, we now have an additional option when it comes to Remaining Energy.

Currently, Remaining Energy has two builds, Charging Deathblade or Casting Deathblade. But I’m going to skip those builds later in the guide and show you Deathblade’s latest build, Immediate Fire Blade build.

However, unlike Deathblade’s new skill build, Remaining Energy now has a fairly fixed combat stat build. The mechanism has been significantly upgraded, but it has not changed the overall circulation or identity supply efficiency.

Because its specialization efficiency is outstanding than any other combat stat. As a result, Specialization stats are fairly fixed and are probably the most common build for Remaining Energy.

Of course, since Deathblade is another back-attacking profession, Entropy is always used. You can also use Hallucination or other gear set.

Lost Ark: Why We Can't Delete Entropy?

Specialization will increase Surge, Identity, Arts Supply Rate and Efficiency, Awakening Damage, and it will reduce skill cooldown even more. This means that if you have a high level of specialization, it will rejuvenate you faster.

Therefore, Immediate Fire RE does not require so-called Super Charge Engraving. She can use Raid Captain as an alternative for faster games. Compared to Super Charge Remaining Energy, Immediate Fire has a higher upper limit. But unfortunately, Immediate Fire’s Remaining Energy bounces back a little harder, which means it’s slightly less capable of providing identity.

Alternatively, you could replace Cursed Doll with Keen Blunt Weapon, but this is actually not recommended. Because it requires a higher critical hit rate to get better damage, it naturally requires lv.3 Adrenaline and Crit Synergy to achieve full performance.

Can & Can’t

With Shackles of Remaining Energy gone, the identity loop or cycle is well optimized and more comfortable in control and speed. About 6 seconds of identity and skill cycling coupled with some quick controls may give you a great and comfortable experience during the game.

Best of all, you no longer have charging or casting stress. This is really great for the rest of Remaining Energy DeathBlade.

Personally, I think the speed control really helps with the reaction to the gimmicks. But as I mentioned in Stats and Engraving build section, managing identity loops or cycles can be a little difficult for players who aren’t used to melee combat.

Honestly, you need to make sure each skill has a beneficial effect on the target at close range. Otherwise, you may miss some identity cycles. Also, especially on Remaining Energy DeathBlade, DPS ratio across her abilities is pretty even.

So, in order to show or see full performance, your main DPS skill will need some high-level Annihilation gems. You’ll also need to spend Lost Ark Gold to purchase Wealth Runes for smooth identity rotation and supply.

Lost Ark Skill Runes: How to Farm Wealth Rune Fastest?


As you might expect, Remaining Energy DeathBlade is very necessary to meet a certain level of Specialization stats to allow for better, smoother identity rotation during gameplay.

From my personal experience, we recommend it to use around 1770 or higher for smooth identity cycles. Even with these requirements, the status cycle can be a little stressful.

Core Mechanic

The core mechanism of Immediate Fire RE is actually not much different from Super Charge Remaining Energy. The real core of Remaining Energy is filling the identity bubble during the short Maelstrom uptime. It’s more like you have to throw everything in Maelstrom normal time to get 3 bubbles. Specifically, Soul Absorber and Void Strike must be hit effectively to be supplied smoothly.

Honestly, Immediate Fire Remaining Energy is hard to bounce back if you miss some skills. Therefore, you need to maintain a very close connection for effective click and identity provision.

Skill Composition

Since Remaining Energy’s DPS ratio is fairly even across all skills, each skill is actually very important and valuable in the actual game.

Turning Slash DPS performance is slightly higher, but the identity supply rate is slightly lower, and it is immune to skills. Twin Shadows is slightly better at providing identity, but has lower DPS performance than Turning Slash. But one advantage of Twin Shadows is that it’s a stacking skill. This way, you get another chance as insurance against losing your skills. You can choose the option that best suits your control.

Lost Ark: Deathblade Skill Composition Gameplay


With the rollout of the balance patch, Deathblade’s damage performance has been slightly patched. Therefore, I think the damage itself is Deathblade’s greatest strength. Of course, it also has certain risks. For example, you have to be very close to the target, and the lack of skills will cause DPS leakage. You need to get used to it before you can see the full performance.

Skill Combo

Immediate Fire Blade’s skill set has reference value. The skill set isn’t just about memorizing it, it’s about understanding the cycle and using that skill more flexibly in many situations. But as I keep mentioning, you need to pour everything you have into Maelstrom during normal operations. Especially Soul Absorber and Void Strike are very necessary to carry out effective strikes for smooth skill and identity rotation.

That’s it for this guide. I hope this Deathblade build is a little helpful on your journey to Lost Ark.

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