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Diablo 4: The Final Thoughts On Season Of Blood - Changes & Issues
Nov 21, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

After I completed Season of Blood with both of my characters, which included completing all Chapters, Battle Pass, Ubers, completing Vampire Board, and getting the best 925 item level loot, I found out what I thought of Diablo 4 Season 2 it is wrong.

While some of my points still stand, progression becomes more engaging and less of a chore.

Diablo 4: The Final Thoughts On Season Of Blood - Changes & Issues

Improved Quality Of Life

Season of Blood is much better than I expected. Recent patches and this theme have fixed some issues and introduced many missing quality of life features.

For example, Gems materials, as well as allowing players to save time by completing Renown through Altars of Lilith, or opening up a search bar to find specific items by name, statistics or aspect descriptions.

Upgrade Faster

Also, Nightmare Dungeons now have greater enemy density and provide more experience points in most events, including Blood Harvest event. We can do this activity repeatedly to get our character to level 50 quickly.

Diablo 4: New Mob Density Buff Preview

At first I thought it would bore me grinding Nightmare Dungeons to level 100, but Vampire theme did leave some positive impressions on me.

In this area, I could easily level up my character while killing vampires at will, completing bounties, earning Potent Blood, Seeker Keys, and tons of loot.

So far, I’ve completed pretty much everything this game has to offer. My Druid is level 100 and my Sorcerer is level 90. It accomplished all of this in less than a week.

Seasonal Themes Are More Diverse

To be honest, my original plan was to complete Battle Pass and leave, since from Season 1 this game felt more like a side hustle than an exciting adventure. As you might guess, I was wrong, but not entirely. This seasonal theme is more diverse than the previous one.

Instead of farming some pointless Malignant Hearts you’ve already perfected, Season of Blood has Vampiric Power.

Runes can be used to upgrade with blood you find in Blood Harvest event. Some of these Runes are of course hidden behind the story, and upgrading them is overly complex for no reason, but they provide significant damage boosts to all available classes and builds.

Even without Barber Heart, these Runes will make your character stronger. You can easily start farming high levels straight from level 50, or turn off Nightmare Dungeons where the monsters are 40 levels above you.

Diablo 4: Easy Guide to Vampiric Powers

Pact System

By the way, I don’t think Pact system is necessary. I’m barely using these pacts to meet my Runes requirements. This system feels rushed and unfinished. They drop everywhere, and your gear already has some starter pacts, so I don’t understand why you would use them. And adding more pacts does not further increase your power.

Once my character reached level 60, I started playing Nightmare Dungeons as normal. Finally, my Druid was upgraded to level 100. Although I still haven’t upgraded all glyphs to level 21, I can already kill Ubers, World Bosses and clear high-level Nightmare Dungeons without any problem.

Diablo 4: Vampiric Pacts System Guide

World Bosses

As for World Bosses, they are still a joke at the moment. Any players above level 80 can melt these bosses in seconds, and they pose no threat or challenge. But at least they now give you new material for different endgame activities.

But aside from some seasonal objectives, they don’t directly introduce seasonal themes. And in order to summon these bosses, you need to collect specific materials. While the process of farming these special materials isn’t exactly fun, it gives us one more reason to stay in the game.

By the way, that trade chat comes alive thanks to these Ubers. Players need to exchange Diablo 4 Gold for summoning materials such as Living Steel or Mucus-Slick Eggs, and hunt for Ubers.

It’s a very positive change, but the game needs more than that. While these new Ubers, especially Duriel, certainly offer plenty of unique items and decent loot, I don’t think there’s much reason to farm them.

Eventually, you’ll hit any boss, but your end goal remains the same, which is to complete Battle Pass, reach level 100, kill Lilith and leave, or level up another character to rinse and repeat the same steps.

Diablo 4 Season 2: World Bosses Explained

Final Thoughts

Season 2 improves upon Diablo 4, but it’s still far from perfect. The core of the game remains the same, and once you hit level 100, it becomes completely unplayable.

This is much like the situation in Diablo 2, where you have to keep grinding Uber Baal and Keys. Sure, Diablo 4 has more content, but it serves no purpose. And the game still lacks social and endgame features, and the onus is on them to fix that.

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