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WOTLK Classic Phase 4: How To Farm 1000+ GPH In Updated Karazhan?
Nov 17, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

In this guide, I’ll show you my latest route for farming gold in Karazhan in WOTLK Classic.

I made this guide because the developers recently made a hotfix that increased the number of dungeon lockouts from 5 to 10 per hour. This means that all gold farms, including Karazhan, can now be optimized for 6 minutes instead of 12 minutes.

This actually has some pretty big effects on farming locations like Karazhan, where the mob density is very high and close to the entrance. It also rekindled my love for tinkering with these old dungeon farms, trying to squeeze as much value out of them as possible.

Currently, while we have increased downtime, there really isn’t a lot of unique space for farming Karazhan.

I tried some crazier things with different areas and monsters, and ultimately settled for a very basic run that included the usual mobs. It doesn’t require a lot of concentration to complete. You can try out your own builds to earn more WOTLK Classic Gold on each run.

WOTLK Classic Phase 4: How To Farm 1000+ GPH In Updated Karazhan?

Start Run

The goal here is to kill as many adds as possible in 6 minutes. We’ll start with a large pole at Moroes Dining Hall. After passing through this Dining Hall area, we finally kill all the mobs on the stairs. But once you kill all the mobs in Moroes Dining Hall. You can then walk down the hall wearing Rocket Boots Xtreme and use your Consecration and Holy Wrath abilities.

As a pull tool, I also usually wear two Tier 9 Gear Sets to lower the cooldown of my clearing abilities.

When you’re dealing with these far-flung groups of mobs in the first kill phase here, you can pop your wings and try to find some high-health targets to heal with Seal of Light. Usually Phantom Valet is my first target. And then the other nameplates you can see here are other targets.

We should note that there will be a Skeletal Waiter here on the pole. Here, you need to kill him first. Because if he debuffs you, then you become Skeletal, which kills you almost immediately. Don’t forget to use a Seal of Light to get healed if you have it.

But I tend to use more DPS gear to increase my damage, so my avoidance here is very low. But if you find good treatment targets, this shouldn’t be a problem.


I always finish my run in about 4 minutes, so you definitely have some free time. If you’re poorly equipped, just remember that your major goal is to get out of here in 6 minutes total, and the next pull will be much less strenuous and easier.

We’re going to pull the mobs into a loft area, and then two Skeletal Ushers enter the corridor leading to Opera House. Because Skeletal Usher will cast Frost Tomb at you, you should always use Frost Resistance Aura when you fight them.

I would never try to pull more than two at a time, as Frost Tomb will really stun you and can easily lead to your death. So it’s best to only engage two at a time and kill them as quickly as you can while you have them on the pole.

If you receive Curse of Past Burdens from Spectral Servant, use Blessing of Freedom to help yourself eliminate it. I created a quick and simple mechanism that makes a sound to alert me whenever a curse comes upon me. This way I can react quickly and get rid of this curse, reducing our healing output.

We also have some extra time to pull in some extra mobs before the end of the run. You can actually throw Grenades onto Balcony above to blow up some extra mobs. There are mobs patrolling Balcony back and forth, and you can maximize its damage if you wait until it reaches one of the stationary packs and then throw Grenades.

WOTLK Classic: Karazhan Gold Farm

How To Maximize Benefits?

Currently, the settings at the bottom of the screen only show supplier prices. As one of the most frequently asked questions, how much raw gold did we collect after we completed the run?

I usually make a lot more money than what’s shown on the gold tracker here because I’m an Enchanter. So I dismantle a lot of Greens and Epics and sell the materials on Auction House. Next, we usually try to sell better itemized Greens as well. Especially with RDF included many times, you can find better buyers for these Greens.

So if you’re not just a mindless vendor robot. Well, I recommend you try to make better use of the items you pick up here, maximizing your profits by selling items that look good on Auction House or sending them to an Enchanter of this nature.

However, if you want to come in and kill as much of it as you can and loot it, then just walk out and sell it all to a vendor, you can definitely do that as well.

Now all you have to do is run out, reset, then come back and repeat the process over and over, as many times as possible. The great thing about farming new Karazhan is these lockouts, which reward you for advancing as fast as possible. Remember, there is a vendor out there who can empty your belongings when you need them!

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