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Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Craft Blizzard Sorcerer Endgame Build? - Fast Farming Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeon
Nov 16, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Today I want to introduce you to our Blizzard Sorcerer Endgame Build in Diablo 4 Season 2. This Blizzard build is tanky enough and even capable of clearing Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeon.

The basic way Blizzard Build deals damage is by spawning Ice Spikes and Aspect of Frozen Tundra to increase its range and make it easier to hit enemies. Since Ice Spikes is not a Master Skill, any Master Skill-related effects will not affect it.

Diablo 4 S2: Blizzard Sorc T100 Nightmare & Uber Lilith Build Guide - Face Tank, 100  Crit Sorceress


Attack speed does not affect Blizzard itself. However, the attack speed makes the casting itself faster and makes it easier to stack Blizzard. Therefore, attack speed is also an important factor affecting Blizzard Build. Here are some of the unique features added since Diablo 4 Season 2 that deserve our attention.

First is Blue Rose Unique Ring, this is because Lucky Hit has a 30% chance of spawning Ice Spikes. But Blizzard’s Lucky Hit Chance is very low. Most notably, it has an option to reduce mana cost.

Next, X’Fal’s Corroded Signet can DoT, but Blizzard’s lucky hit is low, and it’s difficult to scale the damage of Blizzard build. And X’Fal’s Corroded Signet versus Aspect of Frozen Tundra. I’ve tried it many times and an Aspect of Frozen Tundra is always better. Since we want a single DPS, it’s not really necessary. For these reasons, I did not equip it.

Diablo 4: How To Get One Of The Rarest Unique Ring In The Game?

This time we replaced Raiment of Infinite with Godslayer Crown. The disadvantage of choosing Raiment is that defense has no effect at all. But Raiment has 60% damage, so DPS boost for this build is huge. And its ability to group enemies together also lends itself to a Blizzard build.

Now comes Fists of Fate, which you can use if you have a spare Diablo 4 Gold. But considering the critical hit rate, attack speed and strength, rare is enough.

Tibault’s Will can be used with Teleport and Flame Shield. When we can’t cast Unstoppable, it increases damage and restores resources. Note that using Teleport during Flame Shield will not trigger Tibault’s Will’s mana regeneration. It’s a common combo of Transformation, but you can use it if you’re still at level 1.

Mana Issue

Since Tibault’s Will also has mana regeneration and Flame Shield during Teleport. This means we can solve the mana issue by loading resource generation for my equipment.

Gear Stats

Next, we’ll look at each piece of equipment one by one.

The most important stats in Godslayer Crown are the 60% damage component and Cooldown.

Body Armor requires DR and Total Armor. Armor affix should be close to the maximum value.

Gloves require All-Stats, Critical and Attack Speed. All-Stats are used to activating Paragon node here.

Tibault’s Will requires a damage component and DR.

Mana Cost, Critical and Movement Speed parts of Esu’s Heirloom are all important.

Rings require Resource Generation, Life and Critical Rate, Cold Damage that are close to the maximum.

In addition to Resource Generation and Cooldown, the damage part of the special effect should be aimed at the maximum value. This build yields 4 stacks, which is 60% more damage. Lightning, Fire and Ice are obvious, while Infection Vampiric Power brought Poison damage.

Finally, focus on: Resource Generation, Mana Cost Reduction, Crit Rate and Cooldown are important in order.

Diablo 4: Blizzard Sorcerer Endgame Build Paragon Board

Paragon Board

If you emulate this Paragon Board, you should be able to hit 70% damage without specific resistance.

  • The first glyph is Tactician.
  • The second one is Unleash Glyph on Elemental Summoner Paragon Board.
  • The third board is Icefall Paragon Board, which uses Reinforced Glyph.
  • The fourth board is Enchantment Master Paragon Board, and the glyph is Flamefeeder.
  • The fifth board is Burning Instinct Paragon Board and Destruction Glyph.
  • The sixth board is Ceaseless Conduit Paragon Board and Control Glyph.
  • The seventh card is Frigid Fate Node and Stalagmite Glyph.

Vampiric Power includes Infection, Domination, Ravenous, Accursed Touch and Prey on the Weak. Attack speed does not affect Ice Spikes, but when Ravenous is activated, I think it is essential. Because we can cast quickly it, resulting in more Ice Spikes, more damage.

Diablo 4: Vampiric Power Ravenous


This concludes my introduction to Diablo 4 Season 2 Blizzard Sorcerer Endgame Build. Compared with Ball Lightning Build, although it is a bug-free version, it feels slightly weaker in terms of durability, so be careful ballista when clearing NMD100.

Of course, you can easily defeat Uber Lilith with this build without making it a boss-only build. If you haven’t yet, give it a try.

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