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Diablo 4: How To Build An Unstoppable Tal Rasha Lightning Sorcerer Without Barber Heart?
Sep 13, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to create a good Lightning Sorcerer build on Eternal Realm Server. Therefore, I wanted to share here a building based on the seasonal Oculus Tal Rasha. I made a few tweaks in it to ensure it would run well in Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeon and dominate Tier 80 NM with face tanks and fast farming.

I’ve invested a lot of Diablo 4 Gold and time into this Eternal Realm Server. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found an Oculus. Therefore, I built this Tal Rasha Lightning Sorcerer build without it. If you have an Oculus, the full DPS build will perform better than this build. Let’s start!

Diablo 4: Lightning Sorcerer is Unstoppable in Eternal Realm- No Hearts

Skills & Skill Tree

Tal Rasha Lightning Sorcerer’s skill tree is identical to Oculus Tal Rasha. We didn’t use any basic skills, but you can add 2 points to any basic skill you like. Then place 1 point on Frozen Orb and choose Vulnerable Passive, Greater Frozen Orb. This is one of the vulnerable sources in the build.

We only use Frozen Orb in the enchantment slot since all skills in this build are non-base. Casting either of these has a 30% chance to fire a Frozen Orb, triggering large AOE damage and vulnerable status.

Then we only add 1 point to Chain Lightning and we put the other points into Fire and Frost to illuminate all 3 elements in the build. Then use Destructive Chain Lightning to get unlimited mana.

Diablo 4: Tal Rasha Lightning Sorcerer Skill Tree

Next, let’s add 1 skill point to Teleport and Shimmering Teleport. After Teleport, it will reduce the damage by 30%. This is very important in this build.

Then let’s need Frost Nova and get Frost Nova’s Vulnerable Passive, Mystical Frost Nova. Gaining 1 point of Elemental Attunement every 10 seconds is enough to get us a free Teleport or Frost Nova.

Then we put 4 skill points into Hydra. And choose Summoned Hydra passive to get the burning synergy. Burning Hydra now has extremely high damage proportional to the enemy’s level.

Next, we put 3 points into Devouring Blaze, which increases critical hit damage to burning enemies. Because we have the burning synergy of Hydra.

The next 3 points are Ball Lightning as it is the main AOE DPS for this build. We also only use it in the enchantment slot as this build has a constant 80% critical strike chance. A Teleport can trigger up to 4 static Ball Lightning on the ground, causing baffling AOE damage.

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We then invested 3 points into Hoarfrost. Because we ran Frost Nova, the damage against frozen enemies increased by 18%. Damage to cold enemies has been increased by 9% since we used Frozen Orb.

Finally, we add 1 point for Unstable Currents. Its Overflowing Energy allows all our Crackling Energy to reduce the cooldown of Shock Skill, giving the ultimate skill a 0 cooldown.


Because there is no Barber Heart on Eternal Realm Server. So we built on the full DPS version to make up for DPS loss. Since we don’t have an Oculus, I’m going to help make it easier for us to get infinite mana by using Recharging Aspect. Then I’ll do a quick scan of the gear, checking for stat priority or unique substitutions in the build link.

Diablo 4: Recharging Aspect

Paragon Board

Since we use Recharging Aspect, we no longer need Static Surge Node. Therefore, I suggest you can upgrade this Paragon Board from level 50 to level 100 in the order of the walkthrough.

Diablo 4: Tal Rasha Lightning Sorcerer Paragon Board

T100 Tips

If you want to complete T100 with this build, I recommend getting a few more consumable Diablo 4 items like Armor and Elixir. This build features burst windows for Teleport and Frost Nova. Try waiting for both skill cooldowns to be ready before engaging an elite team.

I did my first try at T100 on this build and I make a few mistakes. I hope this helps you avoid injury.

At first I thought I was tanky enough, but I got hit by Flame Wave. Then I realized I only had 40% fire resistance because none of my rings were fire resistant. So I removed a Lightning Resistance Paragon Node and used an All Resistance Node. After the change, I still have 50% lightning resistance and I can tank Lightning Balls easily.

Secondly, I underestimated the damage of Shadow Enchanted affix. Although I knock him down before he attacked me next time, it’s safer not to fight multiple elite groups at the same time in T100.

Third, I used my Crowd Control skills too quickly, so that I didn’t have Crowd Control to deal with the enemy in the later stages and got attacked.

Diablo 4: Insane Malignant Hearts You Gotta - Barber Heart


After testing it on Eternal Realm Server, I now feel even more strongly the enormous difference Barber Heart makes. In my opinion, Barber Heart mechanism is quite innovative. Hopefully, we see more of this in Season 2. What do you think of this Tal Rasha Lightning Sorcerer build? See you next time!

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