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Dark And Darker: The Best Strategy To Kill All Inferno Demons!
Sep 12, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Most players may feel intimidated when entering Inferno for the first time because there are many new demon mobs.

But don’t worry. Here I will teach you how to kill the four demon mobs in Inferno, namely Demon Dog, Demon Bat, Demon Centaur and Demon Berserker. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Demon Dog

The most common demon mobs you see in Inferno are Demon Dogs. Demon Dog has only one attack, and that’s Forward Lunge. It targets your upper chest and head. So don’t forget to spend Dark and Darker Gold ahead of time to get some suitable shields.

Dark and Darkerl: How to Kill Every Inferno Demon?

All you have to do is sidestep to avoid Demon Dog’s attacks. Very simple, but be careful because sometimes they will suddenly trigger Forward Lunge in a short period, which can easily catch you off guard.

Their strategy is similar to Dire Wolf. When it triggers Lunge, it will strafe around and spin forward. In Nightmare, they also gain Electric Collar. Be careful when attacking its head.

Demon Bat

Demon Bat is a rare enemy in Inferno. But they are not mini-bosses, and their health value is only equivalent to Skeleton. Their only attack is Lunging Kick. But this attack is weak against circular strafing.

You’ll need some room to move around to get it to an area with enough space. Once you’ve done this, when attacking Demon Bat, its attacks will flip.

Make sure to attack its body and not its legs. If you only focus on its legs, it can get you into trouble and be difficult to get out of. So just focus on it and you’ll do fine.

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Demon Centaur

Demon Centaur is the next Inferno creature that most new players will probably fear. Demon Centaur has two major attacks: Overhead Swing and Sideways Swing. Overhead Swing can be avoided by dodging and moving to the left, while Sideways Swing can be avoided by simply dodging in the opposite direction.

These are the attacks Demon Centaur will use. This fight will be very simple, but if you’re far away, they may try to charge, which you must avoid.

Demon Berserker

The last monster is Demon Berserker. Demon Berserker has two major attacks, Alternating Diagonal Swing and Sideways Swing, which can hit infinite combos.

For Alternating Diagonal Swing, the challenge of this attack is to react to the attack that occurs first. But once you react to the first move, the follow-ups stay consistent, at least until the end of their combo. 

Dark and Darker: Demon Berserker Encounter

So be sure to fight in a spacious area. Dodging this attack is more of a reaction speed test, so it may take more practice than usual. But once you get the hang of it, you can handle it with ease.

Demon Berserker can then use Sideways Swing, which they will randomly throw out to end their combo. But you can still dodge it in the same way as Alternating Diagonal Swing.

If you find yourself getting hit by Demon Berserker’s Sideways Swing, stay a little more on the left side of his body since he’s right-handed. So when it contracts from the left, it has to swing wider. This will give you more room to duck. And its right side swing sometimes ends in the middle. This means you have to go further to the left to be fully attacked.

This is definitely one of the toughest enemies in this Inferno. You need to use pure evasive tactics to deal with it. So more creative solutions may be preferred, especially in higher difficulties.


Once you learn all the attack patterns of the different Inferno demons and practice them, they should be easy to deal with. I hope this encourages you to give Inferno a try, and hopefully makes you less intimidated. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

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