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Starfield: Mechanics Guide For Weapon And Armor! - Space Suit Stats Explained
Sep 11, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

As we all know, on September 6, Bethesda Softworks has officially released Starfield. Understanding the mechanics of Starfield Weapon and Armor is essential if you want to be successful in Starfield combat.

Starfield Mechanics

The first step is to understand the statistics of Weapon and Armor you will find. When you view the item information, you will first see the name above, and there will be 2 pieces of information below, Mass and Value of the item. Understanding these is important for inventory management and how to actually earn Starfield Credits in the game.

You may find that some items are of high value. But since they’re heavy, it’s not worth taking them all the way to the vendor to sell them. If you want to get credits quickly, I recommend trying to find high value but low-quality items. Because there will be a limit on the number of items you can bring.

Starfield: Weapon and Armor Explained - Space Suit Stats

Starfield Armor Stats Explained

Now let’s talk about armor. You can find detailed information about individual items on the item page. Below the item name, you will see 3 main stats, which are Physical, Energy, and EM.

Physical refers to the ability to resist physical attacks and physical damage. Energy then refers to resistance to energy weapons like Lasers. EM is the ability to resist electromagnetic damage.

Starfield Armor Resistance

Below the 3 primary stats there are 4 secondary stats, namely Thermal, Airborne, Corrosive and Radiation. They are Thermal, as in resistant to heat or cold. Airborne is used to resist airborne debris or particles. Corrosive refers to resistance to corrosive substances. And then there’s Radiation, which is resistance to radioactive materials.

Starfield: Armor Stats Explained

Then below the secondary stats, you have the 2 stats that every Starfield Items have: Mass and Value. Primary stats are very important in combat, as they make you more resistant to weapon damage. Secondary statistics help you better explore the world.

Starfield Environmental Damage

At the beginning of the game, you may have a hard time finding armor that provides the same amount of power to start. So I try to keep different types of armor in the cargo bays of my ships. When we encounter an environmentally dangerous planet, we can change the armor as needed.

If you have higher level armor, such as Epic and Legendary, you can find more information about it below Mass and Value statistics. This information often changes the feel of the entire battle. Because some of the information is quite overpowering. So I suggest you try hunting this type of armor.

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Starfield Weapon Stats Explained

Now let’s talk about weapon stats. As with armor, below the name are the main statistics that determine the weapon’s damage. Including Physical damage, Energy damage and Electromagnetic damage.

Below the main statistics, you can find information about ammunition. Such as the different ammo types that weapons can use, including Armor-Piercing Rounds or Explosive Rounds.

Starfield: Weapon Stats Explained

Magazines show how much ammunition is in the magazine and can be fired before reloading. Rounds is how much ammunition the weapon has. Fire Rate refers to the speed at which the weapon fires. Range is the distance your weapon can shoot, and its accuracy. The lower the starting accuracy, the higher the chance of missing an enemy when shooting at them.

Below these statistics, normal statistics such as Mass and Value are also included. But weapons have a third stat, namely Mods. Mods represent the number of modifications available or equipped for this weapon.

Now the same with armor. Underneath all those stats, weapons can have extra information based on the ratios of items like Epic and Legendary. This will give you more powerful attributes or statistics.

Personally, knowing the stats makes my experience of playing the game on its hardest difficulty so much easier. I hope this helps you get better in Starfield, too.

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