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WOW Classic Hardcore: How Do Low Level Characters Farm Tons Of Gold With Fishing?
Sep 08, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Today we will introduce how to earn huge amounts of gold by fishing as a low-level character in WOW Classic Hardcore. This may be of particular relevance to those players playing on Hardcore servers.

I want to help you level up quickly by giving you guys some baffling ways to pan for gold. In these methods, you can use to grow raid and dungeon materials at level 60.

This is actually my strategy in the past for earning 50-100 gold per hour below level 30 in WOW Classic. This matches, and in some cases exceeds, what people earn at the highest level. So you can start making large amounts of gold very early on.

Again, this will benefit those who are a little slower to upgrade, and those who may start using Hardcore servers later and need to catch up. So, let’s get started.

WOW Classic Hardcore: How Do Low Level Characters Farm Tons Of Gold With Fishing?

Make Druids

The method I want to discuss here is my favorite, fishing. For this approach, I like to make a Druid. Because his Moonglade Teleport will be very handy, especially on Hardcore servers. But you can also do it like any other classes, but they will be trickier and more dangerous.

Raw Nightfin Snapper

The major item you’ll be fishing here is Raw Nightfin Snapper, which can be used to make Nightfin Soup. As you can see here, it restores you 8 mana every 5 seconds, which is great for healers.

The thing to note here is that when playing Hardcore games, your character only has 1 life. That means you need more therapists. You’ll have less DPS in raids, resulting in longer boss fights. Also, longer boss fights will increase the mana cost of counting food every 5 seconds.

So this Hardcore server really creates a great opportunity to earn a lot of WOW Classic Hardcore Gold from this item.

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My favorite place to farm is Moonglade because there aren’t any dangerous monsters here. The only dangerous part is getting here. In WOW Classic, I used the death skip from Darkshore to Moonglade.

But Hardcore servers mean you can’t die, so the best way to get to Moonglade is to create a Druid and reach level 10 to get Moonglade Teleport.

WOW Classic Hardcore: Farm Gold as a Low Level Character

Improve Fishing Skills

Also, you actually need a Fishing Skill to get Raw Nightfin Snapper. In order to start catching them, you need a minimum skill level of 205. The higher the skill level you have, the lower the chances of monsters escaping.

What I’m suggesting here is to get to skill level 225, which also requires you to be level 20 to complete, and then use Lures to further improve your skills. You can buy Lures from Fishing Vendors, and even Aquadynamic Fish Attractor from Auction House if you really want the extra skill level.

If you want to earn more Hardcore Gold from it, consider turning Raw Nightfin Snapper into Nightfin Soup by cooking it. Because many people will pay a little extra to get the stat food, they want instead of making it themselves.

Other Fishing Spots

For those who don’t want to upgrade Druid specifically for this, you can still get Nightfin Snappers in other locations. But they’re usually a little higher level and riskier!

First, you need to have a proper Horde location in Feralas. This allows you to enter a tribal city from Thousand Needles, and fish within that city. So even though it’s a high level area, you can get here safely at low levels.

WOW Classic Hardcore: Secret Fishing Locations

Another spot fits both camps. Because you can cross the river from Hillsbrad Foothills into Western Plaguelands. You won’t encounter any zombies above level 50 here, and you can safely fish for Nightfin Snappers here.

Personally, I like fishing in this location on Tanaris. It’s a very safe area with no red mobs around you. Also, there’s a vendor at Steamwheedle Port where you can sell any junk you get while fishing. So it’s a very solid position to earn a lot of WOW Hardcore Gold just by standing still and fishing for a while.

While we’re on fishing, it’s also worth mentioning Firefin Snappers and Stonescale Eel. However, these require higher fishing skills to get started. And you probably won’t do this until level 35+.

If you’re really interested in crafting gold, this guide is definitely worth a look. That’s what I have prepared for you today. Hope we will see you again soon!

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