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Diablo 4: How To Unlock And Defeat Abattoir Of Zir? - Tips & Preparation
Dec 07, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Welcome back, adventurers! Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Dungeon (the ultimate challenge) is finally here! On December 5th, Diablo 4 released a new Pinnacle Dungeon, Abattoir of Zir. It only offers new challenges for endgame Seasonal Content right now, but you have a chance to earn a new Unique Glyph.

Join me in this guide as we address 4 key issues: unlocking Abattoir of Zir, preparing for your first run, rewards upon completion, and an intense gaming experience! Let’s inspect.

Diablo 4: How To Unlock And Defeat Abattoir Of Zir? - Tips & Preparation

How To Unlock Abattoir Of Zir?

Before proceeding with Abattoir of Zir, you first need to complete Chapter 7 of Season Journey. Once completed, head to Occultist and Ked Bardu to unlock the recipe for Bloodforged Sigil.

In your Sigil Crafting tab you will find a new section called “Bloodforged”. Creating a Bloodforged Sigil costs 800 Sigil Powder.

Bloodforged Sigil works the same way as Nightmare Dungeon, pops up Sigil and then teleport within the dungeon by selecting it on the map. I recommend that you either farm Sigil Powder efficiently by multitasking with Varshan or try running a high-tier Nightmare Dungeon.

Diablo 4: How to Unlock Abattoir of Zir? - Tips and Tricks

Prepare For Abattoir

I highly recommend that you prepare for the survivability of Abattoir of Zir. I think this is the most important aspect you need to consider when tackling this dungeon.

If you die in Abattoir of Zir, the game mode ends and you cannot re-enter. So make sure it capped all your resistances at 70% to hit the armor cap. You need to gain at least 8,910 armor and max out Aspect of Disobedience to reach the 13,500 armor cap. This equates to a total damage reduction of 85%.

To achieve this, I recommend spending Diablo 4 Gold to upgrade Total Armor affixes on your head and chest armor, and try stacking damage reduction on your chest armor and amulets.

In Abattoir of Zir, it’s not just survival that matters, you also need to provide your class with a strong build and strong wave clearing abilities.

I recommend upgrading all your Legendary Aspects on max roll. You can do this by running Blood Harvests and getting a full 925 gear and the best slotted gear for your build before trying Abattoir of Zir.

Diablo 4: Prepare for Abattoir


Completing Abattoir of Zir will give you a new Paragon Glyph called Tears of Blood.

Tears of Blood Paragon Glyph will give you a 2% damage increase for every core attribute you purchase within the area of influence, and will also provide a 50% bonus to all rare nodes within the area. It increases by 10% every 10 levels, up to level 200.

As your Blood Harvests level increases, the area of effect increases, giving you more damage. In addition, Abattoir of Zir will also provide an important glyph experience, providing 1000 experience after each level.

Diablo 4 Season 2: New Farming 30k EXP Per Hour Tears of Blood Glyph

Abattoir Gameplay

The first time I played Twisting Blades Rogue in Abattoir of Zir, I died almost instantly. Even with limited armor and resistance, you still need to be careful around large enemy groups and elite suppressors, depending on your class and play style.

What you’ll most likely face in Abattoir of Zir is simply survival. But once you get used to the game, your next challenge will be keeping up with Abattoir of Zir’s timer. There will be a bar indicator to your right and your goal is to fill up the bar by defeating enemies. But you need to fill it completely before the timer runs out.

This is exactly the same as Greater Rifts. If you’ve played Diablo 3, I’d say within the first minute of entering Abattoir of Zir for the first time, you can tell if you’re strong enough to beat it.

As you fill up the bar and beat the timer within the time limit, you’ll encounter three powerful Blood Seekers.

But don't worry, you can easily kill Blood Seekers in one hit, depending on random affixes. If you can keep a Shrine nearby, you’ll get them when you’re about to hit the completion bar for defeating Blood Seekers.

Blood Seekers will spawn an Awakened Glyph stone, just like in the first level Nightmare Dungeon. I still have 1,000 glyph experience to spend on upgrading my new Tears of Blood Paragon Glyph.

Diablo 4: The Abattoir of Zir Gameplay Overview

Hope this Abattoir of Zir guide will be helpful to you. Good luck in conquering Abattoir of Zir! May you have epic adventures and legendary loot!

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