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WOW Classic SOD: How To Find The First 4 Rogue Runes In Season Of Discovery?
Dec 06, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

WOW Classic Season of Discovery introduces some new Rune abilities that are really fun and more people like them. But some are easy to miss.

So here, I want to introduce the first four Runes you can find on Rogue in Human Starting Zone. We can find these in Elwynn Forest or Stormwind. In order to successfully find all Runes, I recommend that you first reach level 10 and spend WoW SoD gold to buy some equipment. Without further ado, let’s get started and progress further in the game!

WOW Classic SOD: How To Find The First 4 Rogue Runes In Season Of Discovery?


Let’s start with Shadowstrike. We can engrave this Rogue Rune on Gloves slot. Shadowstrike allows Rogue to teleport behind a target and attack while invisible.

To get Shadowstrike, you just need to reach level 2. Your class trainer will provide tasks, Second-Story Work. This quest will lead you to a ledge on the southernmost roof, where you’ll find the runes inside the idol.

WoW Classic SOD: Shadowstrike Rune Location

Quick Draw

Next, we can select Quick Draw Rune. We can engrave Quick Draw on Chest slot, allowing Rogue to fire with a ranged weapon, causing damage.

This rune can be obtained in Elwynn Forest. First, you need to upgrade your Rogue to level 4 and then unlock Pick Pocket. But you can only use Pick Pocket while in Stealth, so you still need to learn Stealth.

You will then need to search Elwynn Forest for map fragments of four different types of Humanoids. If you keep pick-pocketing the same Humanoids, you’ll get multiple versions of one map.

Once you have obtained all four map tiles, you will need to combine them all into your inventory. This will then create an Elwynn Treasure Map specifically for Rogue class. The map contains information on where the treasure is located and where you need to go to get the runes: west of Ridgepoint Tower, near the tree stump behind this Prowler den.

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Ridgepoint Tower is located in the lower right corner of Elwynn Forest, and there will be some Prowler den around it. But if you wander around the west side, you’ll be able to find a tree stump directly behind Prowler den.

Right-click on Elwynn Treasure Map and you will know if you have found the correct location, and you can start digging for treasure. This can be done by standing directly on top of the stump.

Once the animation is complete, a buried treasure will appear in front of you, and you can then open the treasure chest and get Quick Draw Rune.

WoW Classic SOD: Quick Draw Rogue Rune Location


Next is Mutilate, which can be engraved on Gloves slot. It lets you perform two Mutilate attacks with two weapons and does increased damage to poisoned targets.

Mutilate Rune does not drop from mobs, but requires Stealth and Pick Pocket. Therefore, to get Mutilate Rune, you first need to learn the level 4 Rogue skills Stealth and Pick Pocket. Once you learn these, assign them to your hot bar.

Then we’re going to where Princess spawned in Elwynn Forest. You will then find Collector nearby. We specifically stole Collector Morgan and obtained Cutty’s Note, which gave us a clue to Mutilate Rune.

After reading Cutty’s Note, you will receive instructions for finding Cutty.

Cutty is located south of the city walls, close to the mountains and along the river. Cutty will sneak up and be on the east side of the river. Once you interact with Cutty, you will hand over Cutty’s Note and he will provide Mutilate Rune. Then you can right click to learn. Once you’ve learned it, open your gear page and above your Gloves slot, you’ll see the new Rune category.

WoW Classic SOD: Mutilate Rune Location

Between The Eyes

Finally, there is Between the Eyes, which can be engraved on Legs slot. Between the Eyes is a finishing move that stuns the target and shares its cooldown with Kidney Shot.

This Rune is located in Cutthroat Alley in Stormwind. Go to the end of the alley and enter the house. Upstairs next to the bed, you’ll find a chest. Once you open it, two level 10 enemies will appear. Defeat them and you’ll receive Between the Eyes.

WoW Classic SOD: Between the Eyes Location

Here are the four Rogue Runes we’ve found so far. If you discover more content in Human Starting Zone that you haven’t learned about yet, don’t forget to share it with us!

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