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Lords Of The Fallen: How To Defeat The Most Powerful Red Reaper? - Umbral Scouring Farming Guide
Dec 04, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Red Reaper is the most terrifying enemy in Lords of the Fallen. Most players will encounter it while searching for Umbral Scouring. Players can quickly get this valuable item by defeating Red Reaper, who guards the secret of great wealth.

When Dread Meter fills up X3, you will encounter the infamous Red Reaper. You just have to keep moving and dodge his deadly attacks to defeat him. In addition, use efficient weapons such as Fists or Dagger to attack him quickly and accurately.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to defeat Red Reaper and quickly get 5 Umbral Scouring within Umbral Realm.

Lords Of The Fallen: How To Defeat The Most Powerful Red Reaper? - Umbral Scouring Farming Guide

Dread Meter

Dread Meter, also known as Umbral Eyes, exists within Umbral Realm of the Lords of the Fallen. The purpose of Umbral Eyes is to track your time in Umbral Realm as soon as you step into it.

In addition to this, Umbral Eyes are also an important component used to enhance Umbral Lamp and modify character construction in the game. Each Umbral Eye has unique effects, and players can get a variety of additional effects by plugging them into specific slots on Umbral Lamp. This feature adds another layer of enhancements to your character build.

As always, players can earn Umbral Eyes by defeating enemies or finding rare loot in the game world.

Lords of the Fallen: Umbral Eye Dread Meter Quick Guide

How To Activate Red Reaper?

Dread Meter gradually fills in, with a white outline appearing from the top and looping around Umbral Eyes. Also, the longer you stay in Umbral Realm, the more your eyes will fill until it filled your eyes to X2.

When the eye is filled with X3, this will trigger your encounter with the powerful Red Reaper in Umbral Realm.

Fill Dread Meter

If you want to harness the power of Dread Meter, you need to take a simple and practical approach. You must spend LotF Vigor to purchase and equip yourself a lantern to begin your journey.

Next, you can venture into the mysterious Umbral Realm, a place where fear and darkness reign. Once in Umbral Realm, focus all your attention on Umbral Eye in the upper right corner of the screen.

Also, it is important to note that this eye is your guide to determine if you are in a safe area. When the eyes are open, they indicate danger so you can maximize your Umbral Scouring collection.

As time passes within Umbral Realm, the numbers above the eyes gradually increase, starting with X1. Fortunately, you are free to engage in a variety of activities during this time.

Do Not Enter The Safe Zone

The next mission is to fight against the vicious denizens and white zombies that live in this Umbral Realm. You must start exploring the mysterious and eerie landscape within Umbral Realm. Don’t forget, you need to make sure your eyes stay open.

Once you enter the safe area, it will cause your eyes to remain closed for a long time. So be careful not to mistakenly enter the safe area within the realm, as it will also reset the number above the eye to its initial state of X1. In this way, you need to wait again for Umbral Scouring to generate.

When Dread Meter reaches X3, it triggers the eyes to flash and turn a sinister red. This is a signal from your eyes that you’re ready to face the infamous Red Reaper.

Encounter Red Reaper

When Dread Meter transforms into a terrifying crimson hue, you’ll officially begin Red Reaper encounter. The ground beneath your feet will glow a fiery red, signaling the toughest boss in the game, Red Reaper.

Equipped with dual Scythes and huge power reserves, Red Reaper is a force to be reckoned with. If you’re brave enough to defeat this formidable opponent, you’ll earn 5 Umbral Scouring, giving you supremacy in the game.

Lords of the Fallen: The Easiest Red Reaper Kill - No Ladder exploit

How To Defeat Red Reaper?

Fighting Red Reaper is no small feat, but you can use some strategic insight to defeat this seemingly invincible enemy.

Red Reaper’s attacks are devastating, as a quick strike can reduce your health to a minimum. Therefore, you must stay focused during combat and stay in constant motion to have a chance of survival. Most importantly, dodge his critical blows to stay unscathed and alive.

It is crucial to equip a weapon that allows you to attack Red Reaper quickly and accurately. Use efficient weapons such as Fists or Dagger to get twice the result with half the effort against Red Reaper.

When you start to gain the upper hand against Red Reaper, he will resort to evasive tactics to get away from you.

Therefore, he will try to escape your attacks by going underground. Moreover, this hide-and-seek can lead to protracted battles with complex intricacies. So, it’s better to focus on getting rid of Red Reaper quickly before he retreats.

Lords Of The Fallen: How To Farm Umbral Scouring?


It takes approximately four minutes to fill Umbral Realm’s Dread Meter. And it takes a minute to win the battle against the powerful Red Reaper within Umbral Realm.

Ultimately, you’ll be rewarded with 5 Umbral Scouring in just five minutes, which is the fastest way to get it.

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