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Diablo 4: What New Contents Can We Expect Regarding Itemization In Season 4?
Mar 25, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Through a recent Campfire Chat livestream, we learned that Diablo 4 Season 4 will launch in May, along with some major changes. Since Season 3 was so bad, if the developers want to allow some old players to return, then making changes in Season 4 is inevitable.

Here, we’ll share the upcoming itemization changes in Diablo 4 Season 4 that we learned about through a recent developer livestream.

With Season 4 upon us, developers are under pressure to deliver substantive content. These changes to itemization are more than just icing on the cake. They’re absolutely crucial if Diablo 4 wants to retain its player base.

Diablo 4: What New Contents Can We Expect Regarding Itemization In Season 4?

Itemization Changes

First, let’s talk about the general itemization changes you might see. The amount of loot will be reduced, but the quality of the loot dropped will be higher.

Besides, the affix pool is getting a much-needed overhaul, with many useless affixes being removed from the game. Honestly, players have been calling for more meaningful choices when it comes to gear, and it looks like the developers are finally starting to listen to the feedback.

This should streamline the itemization process and make it easier for you to find gear relevant to your character build. Disappointingly, they still won’t add the loot filter we’ve been asking for almost a year.

But Legendary and Unique items are now tradable, besides Uber Uniques, which add an extra layer to the in-game economy.

World Tier 3 will exclusively drop Sacred items, while World Tier 4 will include Ancestral items, providing players with a faster progression path.

Furthermore, Legendary items will now have 3 affixes instead of 4, and rare items will have 2 affixes instead of 4. Forgotten Souls will have new drop sources, including Whispers and Elites, providing players with additional ways to obtain these items.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Uber Unique items will start dropping from level 55 monsters.

Codex Of Power

Next, let’s talk about the update of Codex of Power. Now, we can find all Legendary Aspects in Codex. Salvaging Legendary items at Blacksmith will upgrade the value of Aspects in Codex.

Also, the highest-value Legendary Aspect will now only drop in World Tier 4, giving players additional incentive to tackle the game’s highest difficulty content. As long as you have enough Diablo 4 Gold budget, you will use the well-rolled affix in Codex an unlimited number of times.

Diablo 4 Season 4: Codex of Power Updates

New System

Now introduce the new systems being introduced, starting with Greater Affixes.

Greater Affixes

Affixes now have a chance to appear as Greater Affixes, which are 1.5 times more powerful than regular affixes. These Greater Affixes can only appear on Ancestral Legendary or Unique items, adding another layer of rarity and power to high-end gear.

There will be an indication when items with Greater Affixes drop. They cannot be crafted or re-rolled, ensuring that their acquisition remains relevant to gameplay and loot drops.


Additionally, Tempering is being added to the game. This is a new crafting system that adds depth to item customization.

Temper Manuals will randomly add one of four affixes to items. Among them, Ancestral items can have up to 2 affixes. An item’s Tempering Durability is limited and refers to the number of times you can re-roll Tempered affixes. This requires you to manage your resources during production. It’s also possible to simply destroy your item if you don’t get the correct affix.


Finally, Masterworking is a new late-game item upgrade system with 12 ranks that allows players to further enhance their gear beyond its base stats. Each rank slightly increases the value of all affixes on the item, gradually increasing its overall power.

Every 4 ranks, an affix will be significantly upgraded, randomly selected from the affixes on the item. This adds an element of unpredictability to Masterworking process, rewarding players with a variety of powerful upgrades, as the same affix can even be added multiple times. However, you need to waste a lot of resources to achieve this.

Diablo 4: Itemization Rework Breakdown - Full List of Changes

Final Thoughts

These are major Itemization changes. Honestly, these updates are more than just a Band-Aid solution. They need to be game changers. Otherwise, we might as well start saying goodbye now.

While this new content is worth looking forward to, I’m also concerned about the increased reliance on RNG these new systems will have and how it might affect the overall player experience. But how exactly, we will have to wait and see!

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