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WOW Classic SOD: Master These 8 Valuable Quest Items To Stack More Pre-Quests For Phase 3
Mar 29, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

In this guide, we’ll reveal the secrets behind stacking multiple quests and share some valuable information about Quest Items in SOD Phase 3. These quest items activate quests, allowing you to complete over 20 quests while attacking. Don’t miss these valuable insights to enhance your exploration experience!

As a Horde player, I decided to focus on the best quests in Tanaris, Stranglethorn Vale and Feralas regions, and maybe some quests in Dustwallow Marsh. I’ll start with missions in the same area and then move on to missions that may be more challenging, but you can choose whether to continue or not.

WOW Classic SOD: Master These 8 Valuable Quest Items To Stack More Pre-Quests For Phase 3

Green Hills Of Stranglethorn Page

Let’s start with the most valuable quest item, Green Hills of Stranglethorn Page. These pages will spawn four types of missions, and completing all of them will unlock a bonus mission that rewards a large amount of XP.

One advantage of these pages is that you can buy them from the auction house. However, in my opinion, it would be prudent to act quickly, as Phase 1 trends and indications suggest that we may see a significant increase in their price in the near future. So once you have all the pages, they may become a profitable investment by the end of the season.

WOW Classic SOD: Green Hills of Stranglethorn Pages

Cortello’s Riddle

Now let’s talk about the second quest found south of Stranglethorn, Cortello’s Riddle. There are many mobs in this area, and the quest items are inside the ship. You can find it on any of the three ships, but usually on the lower side.

If you’re doing this with a group, I recommend doing some simple quests first to earn some WOW Classic SOD Gold. Because the enemies on the ship are level 43-45, you need to prepare some decent equipment and consumables in advance.

But here’s a tip, you can die near the ship, find where Riddle spawns, and grab it easily.

Noboru’s Cudgel

The third quest, Noboru’s Cudgel, is a free quest that can be found in Swamp of Sorrows. All you have to do is defeat Noboru the Cudgel and retrieve the quest item. If you completed this mission before, you can use the provided marro to locate and tag Noboru.

Shattered Necklace

Continuing with the fourth quest item, Shattered Necklace, the mobs in Uldaman Dungeon have a chance to drop it. Alliance players can initiate missions by clicking on the item. And Horde players need to take it to Orgrimmar and start the quest, Necklace Recovery.

Ship Schedule

The fifth quest item dropped by Pirate’s Footlocker in East of Tanaris is the Ship Schedule. This area also contains some of the best in a slot quest stacks from Phase 3, so make sure you complete them.

When you farm for this item, the pirate has a chance to drop a green box containing the quest item, with the drop rate estimated to be around 1 in 5. If you farm this item here or do the quest alone, focusing on killing level 44 pirates, your quest should be relatively easy.

But in my opinion, it’s usually easier to solve the problem as a team. It’s just that as we get closer to the next phase, the area may become seriously crowded.

One last note is that these boxes may contain loot similar to Stranglethorn Page. However, completing these pages won’t give you any XP, and the loot may not be worth it.

WOW Classic SOD: Ship Schedule Location

Monogrammed Sash

As for the next task item, it is Monogrammed Sash. This mission all takes place in Stranglethorn Vale, and you need to face a level 50 elite enemy. This boss drops no loot in Phase 1 and is extremely difficult to defeat. Currently, it is almost impossible to do any damage to it at level 40, but with the increased level cap in Phase 3, this will definitely not be a problem.

Pristine Yeti Hide & Margol’s Horn

Also, there are several Alliance quests worth mentioning that I don’t have access to as a Horde player, one of which is Pristine Yeti Hide, which has a slight chance of dropping in Feralas. The other one is Margol’s Horn, which drops from level 48 elites, but I personally haven’t tried this one yet.

All in all, having this information at your fingertips is enough to unlock the potential of incredible items, stacking up more pre-quests for SOD Phase 3! Let’s embark on this epic adventure together!

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