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Skull And Bones: The Most Effective Approach For Silver Farming Post Patch 1.3
Mar 30, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Greetings, players! This is an exciting guide for Skull and Bones that you can not miss. Now, I understand that silver scarcity might be a pressing concern for many of you, especially if you’re aiming for the gold standard.

For today, I’ve got the ultimate solution to your silver woes. Despite any recent patches or updates, I’ve uncovered the most efficient and effective method for silver farming in Skull and Bones. So, are you ready to embark on this lucrative journey with me? Let’s set sail and delve into the details!

Skull And Bones: The Most Effective Approach For Silver Farming Post Patch 1.3

Now, there are plenty of ways to get silver, but by far, this is still the most efficient way after the patch. You’re probably going to need silver if you’re upgrading your manufacturers. It just costs a lot more, even though they produce more. It takes a long time, so it is urgent to find a good silver farming method.

Navigate To Supply Network

The first thing I want you to do is head over to your Helm and head into the Supply Network. We’re going to pick up all of our daily deals. These little quests can reset many times at almost every hour. So, you can continually farm these all day, it is totally up to you.

You’re going to have 2 different locations. There’s a Supply Deal where you need to hand over some silver, and they’re going to give you some supply. At Ile Michel, there is also a random location for the other little smaller supplies that we need to turn in. Then pick up these little roving supply deals and head over to the random location first.

Obtain Essential Materials

So, wherever your location is, you’re going to head over to the Helm liaison. At this place, you’re going to turn in the Supply Deal, and he’s going to give you some materials, some Poppy, and some Sugar Cane, depending on what quest that you’re going to pick up. This is what we’re going to be using for our very first supply and turning it into some Gannets' Saltpeter, which we will sell for a huge amount of silver which we need.

Skull And Bones Supply Deal

The next thing is that we’re going to head over to the roving supply deal at Ile Michel. So, we’re going to head over there, we’re going to hop into our ship, and before you just take off, make sure you either have the Snow ship or the Sambuk because they have a lot more cargo space, and you will be over-encumbered and moving really slow if you don’t. If you have the Brigantine, it will be nice with the speed.

Convert Materials To Silver

Turn in all of your different contracts to Steven’s Oil Opus, and pick up your materials, your Sugar Cane, and your poppy. From there, you want to head back over to your base and head over to Sainte Anne, back over to the Smuggler’s Hideout.

Then I want you to come over to Distillery and you want to turn that Sugar Cane or the poppies into gin or rum. It’s going to be white-labeled, and then it’s going to turn into gold-labeled. So, you’re going to get that white label from Sugar Cane after you finished producing that.

Skull And Bones Steven’s Oil Opus

Then, you’re going to turn around again and take that gold run or gin and then put it back into your manufacturer and have them turn it into Gold Skull Gin or Gold Skull Rum. That is going to be the best way to trade to get silver. Now that you know exactly how to do this, this is going to be the best way to get silver.

Sell To John Scurlock

Before you head back over to John Scurlock’s office, which we’re going to be selling these materials, I want you to get your ship, make sure it’s the Snow or the Sambuk. Still not fixed yet where we can just sell from our warehouse to John Scurlock, so you still need the materials on your ship. Otherwise, we’ll be getting huge chunks of money.

So, we’re going to get the maximum amount that we can carry and put it on the cargo of our ship, and then we’re going to go into John Scurlock’s office. Then from there, we’re going to sell the rum or the gin, and you’re going to get a large amount of silver.

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