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WOW Classic SOD: What Changes Will Happen To Blood Moon PVP Event After Entering Phase 3?
Apr 03, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

As the biggest new content in WOW Classic SOD Phase 2, Blood Moon Stranglethorn Vale PVP Event has achieved outstanding success in the game. Its unique mechanism and challenging content attract many players to log in to Season of Discovery every day and strive for season rewards.

In SOD Phase 3, there will be no new world PVP event, but the developers stated that they will continue to update Blood Moon Event and maintain its value. This has also allowed Phase 3 to reignite the interest of many players.

Since Stranglethorn Vale will still be a relevant leveling area until you’re mid-to-late level 40, you’ll probably still be traveling to Booty Bay and its surrounding areas for much of Phase 3, and you’ll still encounter Blood Moon Events.

In the new WOW Classic SOD phase, you should notice some differences in Blood Moon Event, including new gear sets and new ways to earn Honor, among other changes. In this guide, we’ll talk about the changes that will occur in Blood Moon PVP Event as it enters SOD Phase 3. Without further ado, let’s get started!

WOW Classic SOD: What Changes Will Happen To Blood Moon PVP Event After Entering Phase 3?

New Rewards For Blood Moon

As before, Phase 3 Blood Moon Event will also spawn in Stranglethorn Vale, meaning PVP battles only seem to be getting bloodier this time around. Players will receive special PVP sets and even new items for Phase 3, and have more opportunities to farm WOW Classic SOD Gold here.

The rewards you receive from Blood Moon Event will be expanded to support the new 50-level endgame level in Season of Discovery Phase 3.

These level 50 rewards will be earned by earning a new currency called Gold Massacre Coin, which players can earn by defeating other level 50 players during the event. These Massacre Coins will become Blood Moon Event’s new currency, and they can be exchanged for many of the new rewards in Phase 3 event.

In addition, new gear for level 50 players will also be added to Blood Moon Event, and players can purchase it from Mai’zin after participating in the event in Phase 3.

Some example rewards currently shown by the developers for Phase 3 PVP events include Bloodthirst Crossbow, a Hunter weapon that drains 5 health points from the target with each attack. There’s also Libram of Draconic Destruction, a Paladin relic that gives you +36 attack power when fighting Dragonkin.

New PvP Item Previews & Blood Moon Changes for Season of Discovery Phase 3

Bloodstained Commendation Will Be Removed

Previously, Bloodstained Commendation could be purchased from Mai’zin at Gurabashi Arena for 25 Copper Blood Coins for 250 Honor, but it was removed from the game at the start of SoD Phase 3. This means that any Bloodstained Commendations you currently hold will expire from your inventory after the new phase is released, so don’t get too hung up on them.

The developers say that if you can save these now to get a minor advantage in PVP rankings when the next phase starts, that’s really fine. But they don’t necessarily expect you to hoard enough gold to take you all the way to level 14 later when that level becomes available.

It is worth noting that when Blood Moon transitions to the new level 50 version in Phase 3, a new recommendation token will be added, which will once again bring fresh blood to Azeroth.

Anyway, that covers everything we know about Phase 3’s upcoming Blood Moon PVP event. The new Blood Moon will go live on April 4th with the start of SoD Phase 3. Let’s wait and see!

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