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Elder Scrolls Online: Follow This Optimal Route To Unlock Your Isobel Companion!
Apr 07, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Isobel is our trusted companion in Elder Scrolls Online, and unlocking and upgrading them will bring us a better gaming experience. In this guide, we’ll explain in detail all the tips and tricks you need to know to unlock Companion Isobel. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Unlock Isobel

Unlocking Isobel isn’t as simple as most missions, as you have three parts that can be completed in any order. But I’m ready for you.

Elder Scrolls Online: Follow This Optimal Route To Unlock Your Isobel Companion!

Tournament Of The Heart

First, you need to start the exciting “Tournament Of The Heart” quest. This is the key to unlocking Isobel as a companion.

To begin this quest, go to Castle Navire Wayshrine and speak with Lord Remard DeFulley and Lady Henretta Aranthe.

After speaking with these nobles, follow the quest markers and speak to Isobel Veloise herself. She’ll explain the situation and say you need to complete some trials to win Glittering Sapphire Tourney. Don’t forget, preparing some ESO Gold before you start can make your exploration process go smoother.

Order Of The Iron Knot

Now, when you choose which trial to do first, be sure to select Order of the Iron Knot first. This will set you on a quest to retrieve the hilt of the legendary Redheart sword from Duforts.

Before finding the hilt of Redheart, head to the library where you can find information about the sword. After finding a book in the far corner of the library, talk to Isobel and she will tell you about Duforts to the east.

Once you reach the field, you’ll find another Aspirant also pursuing the sword, with Isobel’s former second-in-command beside him.

A fallen tree blocked the path into the woods, but Isobel knew a way around the obstacle. You need to follow the map to a forest and look for the marker pointing to the hilt of Redheart. Talk to Isobel later and determine your next move.

Oaken Order

At this point, it’s important to select Oaken Order, as this will appear again in the rest of the mission. To find the symbol of Oaken Order, you need to head to Coral Road Wayshrine and follow the map to find the mage’s cabin.

Once you reach the cabin, you’ll find a barrier with three pillars. Examining them, Isobel will deduce exactly how to dismantle the barrier from an old story mage told her as a child.

She will ask you to find Cat’s Paw Flower, Heron’s Feather, and Spriggan’s Veil. All these items are nearby, so follow the map to collect them all. Place them on the corresponding posts.

Once the barrier is down, enter Mage’s cabin and he will tell you to take his staff as a symbol of Oaken Order. After finding the staff, talk to Isobel.

Order Of The Albatross

Last but not least, we also need to get Order of the Albatross. To do this, you can meet Isobel at Castle Navire Chapel, found on the map.

To collect Gilded Lute Of Captain Brenvale, you first need to find the key to Castle Navire Catacombs. Follow your map until you find Aurelia, who will take you to meet Dame Hendra. Quickly bribe her to get the crypt key, then get inside.

There will be some enemies around here, but the path is mostly straightforward. Then you will find Aspirant Mortens here who is hiding from the spiders. He will give you the key to open another passage deeper into the crypt. However, you need to find his sword.

Continue along your map to reach the sword’s location. You’ll encounter some spiders along the way that you’ll need to kill, but they won’t pose much of a challenge.

Give the sword to Mortens and use the key to open another passage, which will take you to another part of the crypt. Kill the ghost haunting the area, then look for Lute behind it. Once you get Lute outside, talk to Isobel.

How to unlock Isobel Veloise as a companion in Elder Scrolls Online?

Get Token

When you’ve impressed all three Sapphire Orders and earned their tokens, it’s time for the finale.

Find Isobel presenting the token during the ceremony. After the ceremony, speak to Knight Commander Jourvel in her office to unlock Isobel as your companion.

Skills And Gear

Finally, let’s briefly talk about Isobel’s skills and equipment.

In terms of skills, I like that Isobel is set up as an AoE damage dealer, with skills such as Holy Ground, Penetrating Strikes, Sunder, etc. For gear, I would prefer to wear Heavy on her chest and legs, and then wear Medium or Light on smaller pieces with Aggressive or Quickened Traits.

That’s everything you need to know to unlock Companion Isobel. Following this guide will make your exploration more efficient! See you next time and have a glorious adventure!

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