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WOW Classic SOD: The Fastest Way To Reach The Level Cap In Phase 3! - Leveling Spots & Tips
Apr 11, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

With the arrival of the new phase of WOW Classic Season of Discovery, the character level cap will be increased from level 40 to level 50. This means that you only need to level up 10 levels in Phase 3 to easily pass the level and start the latest endgame content.

Although the total number of levels you need to complete is smaller, since higher-level upgrades also come with more XP requirements, you will still have to invest a lot of time to reach the level cap of the new phase.

Considering that there may be some new players who have just entered, if you want to get from level 1 to level 50 as quickly as possible, then this guide must be suitable for you. Here, we’ll provide some powerful upgrade strategies and rich XP farming methods that you can use to your advantage in Phase 3.

Before entering, I need to remind you that don’t forget to prepare enough WOW Classic SOD Gold, which will play a key role in your leveling journey! Without further ado, let’s get started!

WOW Classic SOD: The Fastest Way To Reach The Level Cap In Phase 3! - Leveling Spots & Tips

Farming Zul’Farrak Dungeon

First of all, in my opinion, the fastest way to reach level 50 in Season of Discovery Phase 3 is by spamming dungeons. While you can quest in the open world for a steady XP gain, dungeon farming is slightly faster. Therefore, this is ideal for players who want to reach level 50 as quickly as possible.

As for the most efficient dungeon for leveling in WOW Classic SOD Phase 3, it must be Zul’Farrak. This is a level 44-54 dungeon located in northwest Tanaris. It’s worth noting that players can use mounts in this area because of its massive map size.

This dungeon is actually very easy to farm and should be a chief priority for you to farm if you want to level up quickly in mid to late level 40.

And many Zul’Farrak-related quests can be completed at level 40. So once you start playing Phase 3, head to Tanaris to claim the dungeon quests and start focusing on farming Zul’Farrak as your main leveling goal.

WOW Classic SOD: Zul'Farrak Dungeon Guide

Leveling Tips

If you don’t enjoy the monotony of dungeon grinding, or you find it difficult to join a group, you can always take on quests in the open world to get some solid XP from killing monsters and accepting quests.

For this, we would prefer areas such as Stranglethorn Vale, as the quests in the southern part of this area can continue until you are mid-level 40.

Tanaris is also a good choice, as their monster killing and collecting quests will net you a lot of XP once you reach level 40+.

In addition, areas like Feralas and Un’Goro Crater can also be accessed later in Phase 3 leveling process to complete supplemental missions that can get you to level 50 faster.

Don’t forget, the new PVE Event Nightmare Incursions and all related quests for Emerald Wardens faction are also a great way to replenish XP between completing open world quests and dungeon runs.

Discoverer’s Delight Buff

Thankfully, leveling in SoD Phase 3 is slightly easier than the previous Vanilla Classic because of the addition of Discoverer’s Delight buff. This buff was introduced in Phase 2 of SoD and increases all XP gains between levels 40 and 49 by 50%.

How to Get the Discoverer's Delight EXP Buff in WOW Season of Discovery?

With this, you should reach the endgame of Phase 3 slightly faster and start getting the high-end content the new levels offer.

All in all, I hope this guide can help you reach the level cap of 50 faster in Phase 3 and unlock exciting endgame content! Good luck!

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