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Diablo Immortal: Lassal Encounter Guide
Jul 13, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

During Diablo Immortal's Heillquary progression, players will not only encounter Vitaath, which is dominated by Icy attacks, but also the mighty Lassal the Flame-spun. As the name suggests, Lassal is mainly based on fire-type attacks, and players need to weigh and consider attributes and strategies to deal with this four-stage Bossfight.

It is worth mentioning that Lassal Encounter has two difficulty levels for players, and players need to reach Combat Rating 420 and 1250 to open it. The increase in Combat Rating requires players to use the Diablo Immortal Eternal Orb to obtain powerful equipment. Meanwhile, players will need to be teleported to Lassal's sanctum from the Demon Portal in Westmarch after completing the initial Helliquary introductory quest.

Each stage of Lassal Encounter has a health bar, and players will face different attacks in different stages.

The First Phase

At the beginning of the battle, Lassal will launch three kinds of attacks, and the melee tanks in the team need special attention:

Jump Sequence: Lassal will jump and deal damage to the falling area randomly. And Lassal can jump up to eight times, so players need to pay attention and dodge at all times.

Small AoE Cone Attack: This is a small-scale attack. Non-Tank occupations on the team all need to keep their distance from Lassal primarily.

Big AoE Cone Attack: This is a large-scale attack summoned by Lassal. The 170-degree area in front of it will become a dangerous area, and players who enter the area will be damaged and stunned.

The Second Phase

During this phase, Lassal will summon two types of mobs, Demon Warriors and Slagspitters, while launching the above three attacks.

Demon Warriors deal some melee damage; Slagspitters spit out high-damage fireballs. So players first need to get rid of Slagspitters before attacking Lassal.

The Third Phase

During this phase, Lassal becomes very powerful, and it brings a whole new way of attacking.

Summon Boulders: Lassal will summon three boulders, which will merge into one.

Big Explosion: Lassal will summon a volcanic eruption with a big explosion. This does a lot of damage and players need to hide behind boulders.

The Fourth Phase

In the final phase, Lassal not only unleashes all the attacks that have appeared before but also creates the Fire Circle Debuff on two random players.

So players need to coordinate with each other in teams and hide behind lava to avoid fire attacks.

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