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Diablo Immortal: Single-player fast farming class recommendation
Jun 02, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

As a classic game IP with a large number of fans, Diablo's new mobile version of Diablo Immortal has been attracting attention. Due to the time difference in the release area, some players have already experienced this new masterpiece in advance today.

Before embarking on the journey of the new mobile version of Diablo, players need to face a common problem, that is, how to choose a class. As we all know, to adapt to the different play styles in the player group, Diablo has six types of classes to choose from, including Crusader, Demon Hunter, Barbarian, Necromancer, Wizard, and Monk.

For newbies who have just entered the game, early farming and accumulation are crucial, so the following four classes are very suitable for single-player fast farming.

1. Demon Hunter

This is the career of choice for beginners. Due to the simple operation of Demon Hunter, high DPS skills and the ability to create space traps, it can cause very considerable damage in a short time, which is also a feature necessary for the accumulation of materials in the early stages.

2. Crusader

Beginners can't go wrong with choosing a Tank character, and Crusader, with its powerful AoE melee damage, can efficiently defeat demons for more drops of Diablo Immortal Items. At the same time, it is extremely flexible, and the horses obtained by the Crusaders can easily move between enemies or kite mobs when necessary.

3. Barbarian

As a dedicated melee DPS class in the Diablo series, Barbarian has awesome close-range damage. At the same time, they have good mobility and can play crowd control very well, which is one of the classes that are very suitable for beginners to try.

4. Necromancer

While Necromancer doesn't have a significant advantage in group mode, it has a very high potential in the solo mode. In the early game, it can use powerful long-range magic bombing for high single-target damage and AoE damage, resulting in efficient farming.

The class advantages in Diablo Immortal also are different, and they each have their suitable fields and unique charm. Monk's high mobility and short cooldown are more suitable for PvP mode, while Wizard is more suitable for strategic play style players. will continue to serve your Diablo progress, and we will be constantly updated with the latest news.

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