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D2R Ladder: Skill Build for Poison Javazon
Jun 01, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

If you want a smoother leveling experience in Diablo 2: Resurrected Ladder Season 1, Poison Javazons might be a good choice. It's not as well known as Lightning Javazon, but it's also a playable leveling build.

This build gets its name from its Poison Javelin skill attack, which fires a lot of poison to confuse or damage opponents, suitable for clearing large-scale monsters.

The Javelin and Spear's skill points are distributed as follows.

20 points to Poison Javelin: As the primary attack skill, players need to invest in it once they reach their required minimum level. This skill works best in open spaces where mobs are scattered.

20 points to Plague Javelin: Its overall damage is less than Poison Javelin, but it takes less time to deal damage, so this skill is suitable for the space where mobs gather. At the same time, it can deal 14% poison damage.

20 points to Charged Strike: This skill is a melee-based option, and Javelin can be thrown or used in the melee.

20 points to Fend: This is another option for Poison and Lighting-Immune mobs and can deal physical damage in Hell.

Jab, Impale, Lightning Bolt and Power Strike will each be placed 1 point as prerequisites for the above skills.

In Passive and Magic types, skill points need to be placed as follows.

10 points to Valkyrie: This summons powerful Valkyrie allies, is a great tank and provides a range of skill bonuses.

8 points to Pierce: This skill can be used with Razortail belt, and it can get a 33% Pierce bonus.

Inner Sight, Dodge, Slow Missiles and Avoid all place 1 point as a prerequisite for Valkyrie.

In addition to the Skill Build, with D2R Ladder Items such as Insight Runewords and Razortail belts, Poison Javazon will be able to better deal with various AoE scenarios.

MMOWTS will strive to provide you with the latest news of Diablo 2: Resurrected Ladder, so stay tuned.

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