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Do Not Choose Those Specializations! PVP Quick Guides on WoW Dragonflight
Dec 01, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

As one of the most popular MMORPG in the world, WoW Dragonflight as the latest expension brings lots of updates and interesting in-game content. It is important for player to choose a good spec, otherwise your game experiences would not be as funny as your wish, so today I would like to introduce some specs may not powerful so far.

Do Not Choose Those Specializations! PVP Quick Guides on WoW Dragonflightg

Playing as one of these specializations is going to be a challenge for most players. Their damage is low for both AoE and Single-Target and other specs would likely provide more utility or just the fact that their damage is higher would mean faster kills.

Arms Warrior
Arms Warriors are unfortunately lacking due to having to choose between Single-Target or AoE. For this reason, depending on their build choice, they excel on some fights but fall a bit behind in other fights. View this as you will, but it does mean less flexibility in many situations.

Their damage has been consistent in the Beta, but they rely on Windfury Totem from Enhancement Shamans to be worth bringing.

Arcane Mage
Arcane Mages do get a buff from a utility perspective by being able to spec into Dragon's Breath and/or Blast Wave. This specialization still lags behind Fire in terms of overall damage, even though they have some improved single-target burst damage.

The one thing that really sets Arcane back a lot is the lack of mobility and needing to hard cast all their spells. This ranks them much lower on the list and they really suffer in a fast-paced Mythic+ setting.

Frost DK
Frost Death Knights gameplay has not changed much since Shadowlands, but with the new talent system revamp, there are many ways to customize and improve the builds. Breath of Sindragosa synergizes with some other talents to keep its uptime up even longer, which means more sustained high damage periods while it is active. All this to say they are great at cleave damage, but poor at Single Target.

Affliction Warlock
Affliction Warlocks, despite seeing ridiculous numbers in Shadowlands Pre-Patch, are near the bottom due to only excelling at AoE. They will not likely be amazing in Mythic+, as their single-target damage is going to be severely lacking in their AoE build.

Survival Hunter
Survival Hunters are not dealing great damage in either AoE or single target currently, and have to attack in melee range. They do not offer much utility to the group compared to a lot of other specializations, especially after the talent overhaul.

If you enjoy the gameplay of this spec, go for it and hope it improves, but if you are looking to top the meters as a hunter in Dragonflight, move on to Beast Mastery.

MM Hunter
Marksmanship Hunters are at the bottom of the tier list. Their skill ceiling can be very high and therefore usually a harder specialization to master. They do offer some good burst damage with Careful Aim for the beginning of encounters, but that's about it. They also don't have really anything to provide good survivability and utility.

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