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Outstanding DPS Specs You Can Not Miss in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight
Nov 30, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Today we comb through all of the specializations for every class in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight to predict who will come out on top for the launch of the new expansion. This DPS Tier list is based on the Dragonflight Beta but will be continuously updated as the game will likely see more balance changes in the near future. Now that some features from Shadowlands are going away we can get an accurate picture of how classes will perform in Mythic+ and Raids in Dragonflight proper.

Outstanding DPS Specs You Can Not Miss in World of Warcraft: Dragonflightg

Those specs below are the Best DPS Specs in Dragonflight for Raids and Dungeons are going to be at the top of the damage meters in practically every encounter, both in Single Target and Multi-Target, and they provide important utilities for the group.

Havoc DH
Havoc Demon Hunters have changed their gameplay style up quite a bit since Shadowlands with the revamp of the talent trees. Their middle-of-the-pack damage has been considerably buffed since the last expansion and therefore will likely do more damage than before.

From the testing on the Dragonflight Beta, we believe it will be a top spec for both Mythic+ and Raids. They provide really great utility with Chaos Brand and Darkness and have great survivability with Netherwalk

Windwalker Monk
Windwalker Monks have been dominating the DPS meters in season 4 of Shadowlands and we don't expect that to stop. Most of their core gameplay remains intact and even becomes faster with the Pre-Patch changes to the talent system.

They mostly excel in AoE situations and therefore are expected to be amazing in Mythic+ content, while they have also received a buff to their single-target damage vs. Shadowlands. The utility they provide is Mystic Touch, Generous Pour, and Close to Heart. They also have great survivability with Touch of Karma, Fortifying Brew, Dampen Harm, and Diffuse Magic

Outlaw Rogue
Outlaw Rogues are looking quite strong from a DPS perspective so far, with the focus of their damage largely being Single-target. The best outlaw rogues are currently beating out assassination rogues on the DPS meters, but the skill ceiling seems to be pretty high with the outlaw specialization. You really need to be able to keep up with hitting all the right skills at the right time to maintain high levels of performance, which perhaps takes this specialization down a notch for the average player.

The outlaw rogue does gain a ton of flexibility with the new talent revamp, gaining the option to take a lot more talents than have ever been possible in the past. They provide the Atrophic Posion debuff and have a lot of various survivability cooldowns at their disposal.

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