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DPS Rank in WOW Dragonflight Pre Patch
Nov 16, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

The WOW Dragonflight release date is certainly on 28th November 2022, currently you can enjoy the 10.0 pre patch content and get ready for the Dragonflight, so here comes a very common question, who is the best DPS character in WOW Dragonflight?

DPS Rank in WOW Dragonflight Pre Patch1

Due to there is less specific information to tell us who will donimate the DPS race in WOW Dragonflight, we build this DPS tier list based on our interpretation of the talent revamps we have seen to every class. The new talent system has launched with Dragonflight's Pre-Patch, and with it comes changes to all classes on their skills which has a massive impact comparing Shadowlands before.

S-Tier DPS Rankings
Enhancement Shaman
Enhancement Shamans received improvements from an AoE / Mythic+ angle as well as CC. The new talent choices for Enhancement Shamans offer many options that don't rely on just one or two options. This flexibility in playstyle makes the spec even more attractive to players. With well-rounded damage in each area of gameplay and a friendly playstyle, this specialization is granted S-Tier.

Windwalker Monk
Windwalker Monks have been dominating the DPS meters in season 4 of Shadowlands and we don't expect that to stop. Most of their core gameplay remains intact and even becomes faster with the Pre-Patch changes to the talent system. They mostly excel in AoE situations and therefore are expected to be amazing in Mythic+ content, while they have also received a buff to their single-target damage.

A-Tier DPS Rankings
Affliction Warlock
Affliction Warlocks gameplay in Dragonflight so far feels pretty much the same as in Shadowlands. Their AoE damage is okay, the point is their good single-target damage. We expect their performance to continue to be high, their single target abilities in raids will absolutely be top-notch, but they will not likely be amazing in Mythic+.

Frost DK
Frost Death Knights gameplay has not changed much since Shadowlands, but with the new talent system revamp, there are many ways to customize and improve the builds you are going for (Frost DK Talent Builds here). Breath of Sindragosa synergizes with some other talents to keep its uptime up even longer, which means more sustained high damage periods while it is active. The fact the Frost DK can also pick up class talents from a defensive point of view, pushes them higher as even more useful and propels them into A class in our books.

Fire Mage
Fire Mages maintain much of the same playstyle and feel as they had in Shadowlands. They have very strong AoE sustained damage, and with Mastery: Ignite, Combustion, Firestarter, and Searing Touch, their single-target damage excels as well. Throw in extra survivability with many available talents like Greater Invisibility, Blazing Barrior, Alter Time, and even Ice Block, and they are definitely feeling A-Tier quality.

BM Hunter
Beast Mastery Hunters spec is very friendly to mobility as you can use virtually all of your skills while moving, which makes survivability of the spec quite amazing. Being ranged DPS means you have more freedom to avoid melee damage, yet most of your beasts will perform within melee distance. The gameplay style has not changed much since Shadowlands, and damage output and survivability is top-notch.

That is all content on our list, more details on WOW 10.0 you can follow MMOWTS, meanwhile you can also buy Cheap WOW 10.0 Gold here.

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