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Elden Ring: Follow This Route To Unlock All Available Black Knight Gear In Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC
Jul 05, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

In this guide, I will show you where to get all the items that Black Knight has in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. This includes their entire Armor Set, Black Steel Twinblade, Black Steel Greathammer, and Black Steel Greatshield.

While you may see some incantations used by one of Black Knights, those are Crucible incantations, so they are not true Black Knight items.

I’m guessing there must be a lore reason for Black Knight to use a lot of Crucible incantations, but that’s not what we’re going to discuss right now. Here, we’re going to focus on showing you where to get these items in the new expansion.

Before I get into it, I have to tell you that Armor Set can only be obtained through farming, but I’ll show you where you can do that. But for the weapons and shields, you have to defeat some specific Black Knights, and they will drop these items when they die. Importantly, they don’t respawn on the map, which means these items can only be obtained once per new game cycle.

Elden Ring: Follow This Route To Unlock All Available Black Knight Gear In Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

Black Knight Armor Set

The best place to get Black Knight Armor Set is in Castle Ensis. First, all you have to do is get to Castle Ensis Checkpoint Site of Grace. It’s easy to get there from the castle entrance, and there are so few enemies on the way that you can run past them without any problems.

When you see Black Knight, just turn left and go uphill, and you’ll see Site of Grace, which will be your starting point. Then all you have to do is stand up and watch when Black Knight walks down the ramp. It’s up to you how you want to approach him, either just rush in and do a jump attack, or you can even backstab straight away.

Kill him and check the loot. If Armor Set didn’t drop, you need to return to Site of Grace and repeat the farming. The entire process is that simple.

I need to remind you that Armor Set will not necessarily drop directly after killing Black Knight. If you want to increase the drop rate, then investing in some Elden Ring Runes to increase Item Discovery is a good way to go.

Killing him is not difficult because his attacks are easy to read. When he does a powerful heavy attack that creates a Holy Area of ​​Effect, you just need to dodge to the right and you can Backstab easily.

Oddly enough, he attacks faster with Greatshield than with Greathammer. Luckily, if he doesn’t have hyper armor when he does a heavy attack, a hard hit to his head will stagger him most of the time. This differs from all the other enemies in DLC.

Black Steel Greathammer

Anyway, now let’s check where to get the weapons, starting with Black Steel Greathammer.

It’s actually pretty easy to find the location. It’s located in Church of Consolation at the southernmost end of Gravesite Plain. When you get to the church, a dog at the entrance is hostile, but the other Messmer soldiers are not. Then, you just need to kill Black Knight in the ruins and you’ll immediately get Black Steel Greathammer.

Elden Ring Black Steel Greathammer

Black Steel Twinblade

The same goes for the other weapons and greatshield. So, to get Black Steel Twinblade, the target you need to kill is in a small camp on a hill in Scadu Altus.

To get there, we’ll start at Highroad Cross Site of Grace and head north, toward the large camp. I recommend you stick to the ridge to the left of the camp to avoid angering Furnace Golem.

Turn left as far as you can and you’ll see a few soldiers defending the camp, with Black Knight at the very top. We need to try to kill every soldier that makes it to the top, but be aware that at some point, a few Shadow Blessing level characters will be killed.

The easiest way to do this is to get on Torrent, get Black Knight’s attention, and have him follow you to the back of his unused camp. There, the archers can’t hit you, and the melee soldiers will most likely lose aggro.

You probably know that this Black Knight wields Black Steel Twinblade, so he’s a bit more aggressive than the ones wielding the weapon and greatshield. Defeating him will earn you his Twinblade.

Elden Ring Black Steel Twinblade

Black Steel Greatshield

Now, Greatshield isn’t too far from this location. You can access it from Fog Rift Fort. To get there, first you need to get to Scadu Altus on the map, which is West Site of Grace.

From Site of Grace, look west and under the wooden platform to see a small patch of land that you can jump down without taking damage. There are two similar patches of land that will allow you to quickly reach the walls of Fog Rift Fort.

Before you go down the ladder, be aware that there are 4 soldiers and a bunch of explosive barrels below. You can take advantage of this if you want, otherwise they might target you.

After you take them out, go through one of the towers. Keep an eye on the left, because there is a soldier waiting to ambush you. Take out the two soldiers inside, then go out to find the last soldier, who is enjoying the view. Help him see the ground below in true 3D format, then turn east to the small bridge, where you can see Black Knight in the building ahead.

I need to remind you that before you approach, prepare your buffs. He fights exactly like other enemies that use weapons and greatshields. The difference is that he will try to attack you with spells. By the way, unfortunately, there is no such spell available to players in the game. After killing him, you will get Black Steel Greatshield.

Elden Ring Black Steel Greatshield

With this, we have found all Black Knight items you can obtain. Trying to follow this route to loot these items will not only open up new possibilities for your character, but it will also bring new fun to your open world journey. Good luck!

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