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Elden Ring: How to Beat Mohg, The Omen
May 18, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Mohg, The Omen is just one of Elden Ring's more tricky bosses, despite only as being a taste of the even more powerful foe, so here's how you can beat them.

Elden Ring: How to Beat Mohg, The Omen

Elden Ring includes a huge variety of deadly bosses for players to find and face in combat, plus some of the most dangerous are available and hidden in optional areas. Mohg, The Omen, is a such boss, found hidden within the depths of the Subterranean Shunning Ground and guarding the road to the Three Fingers.


One of Elden Ring's strongest bosses, present in another late-game area, is Mohg, the Lord of Blood. Mohg the Omen is definitely an illusory projection from the Lord of Blood, almost as much as Margit is definitely an illusory projection of Morgott. Despite this, Mohg the Omen is definitely an incredibly deadly character who actually boasts many perks over the true Mohg, and may be quite the hazard to unprepared players. Here's a breakdown of how you can fight him.


Boss Overview - Attacks


Mohg, The Omen shares his entire moveset using the first phase of Mohg, Lord of Blood. Mohg attacks using both his trident and a variety of blood/blood flame attacks. This means nearly all his damage is fire and inflicts the hemorrhage status effect, which could take huge chunks out of the player's health otherwise managed properly. Staunching Boluses are helpful for managing Hemorrhage whether it builds up, however, the best way to prevent it is by utilizing armor rich in bleed resistance and avoiding his attacks.


Mohg uses Bloodflame talons to swing from his to his left, leaving crimson claw marks that explode into blood lames. It is best to roll before the explosion to prevent the damage of this attack. He may also reach upward via a portal and hurl inside a horizontal arc. This blood does damage on impact and lingers in pools on the ground for a while, causing additional damage and bleed build-up when the player stands inside it. Sometimes Mohg will reach into the portal and instead produce a line of blood rain in front of him, which functions similarly towards the horizontal arc but requires different dodging methods.


Players can dodge the Horizontal arc by rolling backward or forward with the arc. Forward has a tendency to work better as well as puts melee fighters in the selection of Mohg most of the time, but backward may well be a safer demand for squishier build counting on spells or any other sources of ranged damage. Players will instead have to roll to 1 side in order to prevent the type of rain. Mohg tends for the arc when players are near to him, and uses the road more often when players are even further away, although the presence of summoned help could make him slightly harder to predict.


When Mohg swings his spear, he does so in combos of 3–4 hits that may be dodged fairly easily by rolling towards him and within the direction, the swing is originating from, and also the spear slams he ends the combo with leaves him available to counterattack for some time. He can also contain the spear forward and charge toward the ball player. While this does plenty of damage, additionally, it leaves an enormous opening for players to attack whether it is dodged successfully.


As discussed earlier, this really is all fairly just like the first phase of Mohg, Lord of Blood's boss fight, therefore the guide linked at the outset of this article provides some very helpful advice with this fight. This next section explains the primary differences between your two fights.


Boss Overview - Resistances and Stance Breaking


Unlike his later appearance because the Lord of Blood, this version of Mohg is entirely safe from all status effects, including bleed. This means players will have to rely on raw damage output to deplete their substantial health bar. He can be also stance broken fairly easily with weapons that deal good poise damage, leaving him susceptible to critical attacks and/or providing a chance for players to heal and cast slower spells. He retains his 80% potential to deal with fire damage, so players should try to prevent using fire against him.


He may be the least resistant against physical damage, so using physical damage via weapons or spells like Rock Sling and Meteor may be the most effective way of damaging Mohg in this fight, though his 40% potential to deal with all elemental damage types aside from fire can easily be overcome with a dedicated build concentrating on those damage types. Fire-focused builds who would like to stick to their guns should think about using fire magic rich in poise damage, like Frenzied Flame or Unendurable Frenzy, or take advantage of the additional percentile damage dealt by Black Flame incantations.


As using the Lord of Blood, players should try to take advantage of the openings left by his spear combos and charge-hitting him. Players may also make use of Mohg's Shackle, found within the same Subterranean Shunning Grounds the boss inhabits, to lock him down and leave him available to attacks for some time.


Elden Ring can be obtained for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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