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Unlucky Elden Ring Player Loses Out on 1.8 Million Runes in the Most Heartbreaking Way Possible
May 19, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

An Elden Ring player faces a tragic loss because they die in a painfully heartbreaking way, losing 1.8 million runes along the way.

Unlucky Elden Ring Player Loses Out on 1.8 Million Runes in the Most Heartbreaking Way Possible

A very unlucky Elden Ring player who suddenly died hanging around recorded a relevant video of how they lost 1.8 million runes in the most tragic possible way. While losing runes in Elden Ring is definitely a sad event, dying while holding lots of them without even being able to perform anything about this is heartbreaking.


Elden Ring generally is one of FromSoftware's best games, but it is also very hard. Death is definitely lurking nearby, whether it is from environmental harm for example traps, falling pits, as well as sneaky enemies. Also, as with previous Soulslike games where players used souls as experience, Elden Ring uses runes and gamers still lose them once they die. So, death can be created even worse with such a big loss mounted on it.


Recently, an Elden Ring player called CarelessBasket2770 chose to share the heartbreaking story of how they lost 1.8 million runes hanging around without being able to perform anything about this while playing in New Game +5. In the video shared by the player, it’s possible to determine the heartbreaking scene where the player loses everything experience. The short 7-second clip shows a desperate character playing around, going to gather a Twiggy Cracked Tear. As soon because the player stops as it were to get the item, they're suddenly attacked by a sneaky Warhawk, dying automatically.


In your comments ought on the thread, several players shared stories that were just as sad because the one in the original poster. MedicinalSCIENCE, for example, claimed to possess once lost 6.2 million runes on the New Game +8 run. They were attempting to keep their full stack of runes unused throughout a whole run, got too convinced of the ability, entered Auriza Hero’s Grave too early, and died. Other stories are fairly similar, for example, Rookwood-1, who lost 3.5 million runes within the Subterranean Shunning Grounds when one of the most annoying enemies in Elden Ring, the dreadful giant lobster, knocked them off a pipe. Curiously, they died once again to the same lobster once they tried to recover it.


Elden Ring is definitely filled with unlucky deaths, however, many of them are really not the player’s fault. Recently, an Elden Ring gamer died as their controller eliminate. In this tragic, yet hilarious event, a person was happily strolling over an icy field when their controller eliminates and they were very slowly mauled to death by a goat, who needed to hit them many times before killing them.


Elden Ring can be obtained now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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