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One Elden Ring Feature Would Be a Game Changer for The Elder Scrolls 6
May 22, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

As two behemoths from the open-world RPG genre, The Elder Scrolls 6 could utilize an Elden Ring feature in a manner that redefines the sport overall.

One Elden Ring Feature Would Be a Game-Changer for The Elder Scrolls 6

When you are looking at the weapons of The Elder Scrolls, they typically aren't too the same as each other. Most of them share exactly the same attack patterns and talents, with there not being much variation. But The Elder Scrolls 6 could see a big change to this formula if you take inspiration from another popular open-world RPG.


Elden Ring is widely acclaimed because of its huge variety of weapons, with builds often built around individual ones alone. Many of them have different attack patterns, special abilities, and secret traits which make them all unique from one another. The Elder Scrolls 6 could detect this formula, modeling various new weapons following this concept.


Revitalizing the Weapons of The Elder Scrolls


While not completely similar, some examples from the closest The Elder Scrolls franchise originates to having Elden Ring-esque weapons include Skyrim's Dawnbreaker and Bloodskal Blade. These two weapons are noted for their unique effects, with Dawnbreaker making undead enemies explode upon death, and also the Bloodskal Blade having the ability to send out blasts of ones with heavy attacks. However, weapons such as these are few in number, using the defining trait on most weapons usually being the strength of their enchantments. In that regard, The Elder Scrolls 6 could take more cues from Elden Ring to boost this aspect of the game.


Not only perform the weapons of Elden Ring available in a huge variety, but, their unique abilities can frequently make or break builds. From turning out to be a throwable spear of lightning, or having the ability to berate the enemy with ranged magical energy slashes, almost anything can be found in the sport. This variety often lent itself well to gameplay, with players having the ability to experiment with which flashy special ability they believed best complemented their build. Even Skyrim's most effective weapons possess a lot to understand from this type of approach to creating unique weapons.


The Elder Scrolls 6 could model its very own weapons from that. Though it may be a little more limited because of the fact that the games are usually meant to become played in first-person, this could not prevent embracing it. It also has got the perfect chance to do this through The Elder Scrolls' many Daedric artifacts. For example, Volendrung might be revamped to achieve the special capability to send shockwaves when utilizing heavy attacks. Considering how powerful Volendrung and several other Daedric artifacts are described to stay in the lore, this could not only be thematically fitting, but, it would be also completely justified.


But first and foremost, this could also bring some of the thrills of exploration from Elden Ring to The Elder Scrolls 6. Throughout the ball player's travels in Elden Ring, they're bound to find many unique weapons on the way, slowly accumulating their arsenal. This hugely rewards the ball player for losing sight of their method to explore areas they'd otherwise not require to. The Elder Scrolls franchise has already been known for encouraging exploration, so using a feature like this could only increase the enjoyment of it. The Elder Scrolls 6 should take after Elden Ring in that way, infusing the experiences of both to produce something fantastic.


Though The Elder Scrolls 6's release date will not be anytime soon, a minimum of it has got the benefit of having the ability to look back on the truly amazing features of previous games and build upon them. In that regard, Elden Ring's earlier release might have provided something which could lead to The Elder Scrolls 6's success.


The Elder Scrolls 6 is in development.

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