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Elden Ring Players Waiting for that Shadow from the Erdtree DLC Can Check Out an Upcoming Game
May 27, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

While gamers watch for Elden Ring's Shadow from the Erdtree DLC to finally arrive, there's another upcoming game that they're going to want to take a look at.

Elden Ring Players Waiting for that Shadow from the Erdtree DLC Can Check Out an Upcoming Game

Elden Ring's effect on the video game industry continues to be significant, as you would expect. The 2022 Game from the Year winner is constantly on the dominate headlines for more than a year since its release, and February's news of their first DLC, titled Shadow from the Erdtree, stoked the flames of anticipation once more. Developer FromSoftware includes a reputation for releasing some of their absolute finest content as paid expansions, and there is no reason to think Elden Ring's DLC is going to be any different. While fans watch for a release date, they should take a look at another game coming, one which seems to share many similarities with both Elden Ring and also the Dark Souls trilogy: Lords from the Fallen.


Releasing on October 13, Lords from the Fallen may be the sequel to developer Deck13 and CI Games' Lords from the Fallen, an action-RPG Soulslike which was originally released in 2014 for that PS4. One of the first Soulslikes available on the market, the sport borrows several popular mechanics in the Dark Souls games, such as the stamina bar, difficult boss fights, as well as an interconnecting map. Unfortunately though, whilst not without its fans, the consensus would be that the original Lords from the Fallen's combat is way too slow, bordering on boring sometimes, as the enemy variety is lacking, and also the game's map is mainly uninspiring. The lukewarm reception to the sport didn't exactly scream 'sequel', yet as soon as winter 2014, developer CI Games displayed its intention to release a follow-up.


Lords from the Fallen Could Fill the Void Left by Elden Ring's Impending DLC


As Soulslike titles have become in popularity, fans from the genre will always be keeping a lookout for that next game that may push these phones to their limits. After years of development, the proposed sequel re-emerged in 2022 having a trailer, boasting a totally new look, but retaining exactly the same name. Tellingly though, Lords from the Fallen has dropped the numbered sequel, signifying its intent for everyone as a reboot of sorts for that series. The desire to distance itself from the predecessor suggests that the developers know that a huge overhaul was needed for that series, which bodes well for that upcoming sequel.


Those fans who are awaiting future hypothetical FromSoftware projects may find similarities in Lords from the Fallen. The grim, dark fantasy setting could've easily come to the minds of Hidetaka Miyazaki's FromSoftware, and also the combat system, combined with the distinct enemy design, looks equally familiar. The trailer displays a global in turmoil, because the unnamed protagonist, played because the Dark Crusader class, is tasked with defeating the evil Adyr, the Demon God.


Just should the Soulsborne references weren't quite obvious enough already, an NPC shown within the trailer looks eerily much like one of FromSoftware's most notoriously difficult bosses, Elden Ring's Malenia, Blade of Miquella, completely having a flowing mane of red hair. Fans are going to do well to not get too caught up yet though. Many promising Soulslikes happen to be released during the last few years, but only a handful happen to be able to emulate the success of the Soulsborne collection.


Recent titles for example Thymesia and SteelRising fell lack expectations, largely due to being not able to strike the best balance between engaging, fluid combat mechanics, challenging gameplay, and atmospheric environments. This formula may be the key to making a successful Soulslike, and it's one that precious few titles happen to be able to achieve. Lords from the Fallen is going to be hoping to add its name to that particular list if this releases later this season.


Elden Ring can be obtained now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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