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How Elden Ring's Grind Compares to Genshin Impact's
May 26, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Grinding is usually an essential part of RPGs and 2 of the biggest games in the industry share similarities in the way they handle this certain dynamic.

How Elden Ring's Grind Compares to Genshin Impact's

Player progression across levels is really a core element of gaming, and leveling up, generally, requires gamers to invest in a "grind" for materials to satisfy specific prerequisites for advancement within their favorite titles. Grinds in games like Skyrim are often repetitive, however, the allure of unlocking new abilities and perks keeps players firmly glued to their screens. Developers try to look for creative methods to keep players engaged with the grinding process, and also the cream of the crop from the gaming industry like Elden Ring and Genshin Impact, which have garnered massive player bases since their release, are two games with outstanding success within this department. While both of these AAA titles have fairly distinct methods of grinding, it's only natural for fans to check them to see which of the two giants has got the edge when it comes to excitement and progression.


The group of multiplayer role-playing games has gotten an injection of high-quality releases recently, with raving reviews of Genshin Impact sweeping around the globe in 2020, then the earthshaking debut of Elden Ring in 2022. These two additions, despite their new dynamics, didn't differ in principle from predecessors within the RPG category which require substantial effort to grind for materials. As Elden Ring may be the younger of the two premier titles and arguably the greater successful, fans should note what FromSoftware's developers did to create their flagship product stick out despite stiff competition inside a crowded market.


Elden Ring's Grind Focuses on Player Battles


Elden Ring has garnered a track record of being one of the most difficult games to overcome lately, and also the level of grind the title requires to conquer its elite bosses can provide pause, albeit momentarily, to the most seasoned gamers. To progress quickly across levels, players strive tirelessly to get Runes—Elden Ring's in-game currency—in whatever way possible to help ease their journeys within the Lands Between.


To stack these Runes, players go about completing quests and defeating enemies across different locations in the spotlight. Some of these locations, which are alternatively called Rune farming spots, are easier to traverse than the others a few don't even require players to battle any mythical creatures to achieve Runes. The nature of Rune farming in Elden Ring is really a lot more inherently dynamic compared to previous FromSoftware titles, too, because of its open world and nonlinearity.


Despite being the most typical locations for players to level up their characters, Rune farms aren't the sole means to achieve character progression. Although widely considered unethical within the gaming community, some gamers use console command mods to speedrun their advancement, setting their characters' attribute levels for their heart's content. However, using mods breaches Elden Ring's unwritten PvP rules, and is really a quick method to ensure a ban from the massive multiplayer community.


Returning to generally acceptable grinding methods, players may use a few items in Elden Ring to hasten the grinding process, like The Golden Scarab Talisman. This item boosts Runes earnings by 20 %, proving to become one of the most valuable Talismans in Elden Ring. Another way for players to earn several Runes would be to join forces with other gamers inside a boss battle. Helping other players defeat a boss is really a less strenuous experience, as every participant inside a victorious co-op battle receives a reward of approximately 25 percent from the Runes that might be gained from the solo victory.


Exploration may be the Key to Genshin Impact's Grind


Genshin Impact, however, includes a slightly different method of grinding. In many other RPGs, repeatedly searching for enemies to fight may be the most profitable method to grind. The developers at HoYoverse, however, put a spin around the narrative and placed its stock of premium rewards within the exploration of Teyvat's map in Genshin Impact. Valuable items which give buffs of EXP for example Adventurer's Experience and Hero's Wit are littered across Genshin Impact, and finding these materials may be the easiest way for players to level up.


Map exploration, although one of the most popular means, is among many avenues to grind in Genshin Impact. An often neglected way of player progression in RPGs, ironically, is advancement within the main plot. While Genshin Impact's main missions indisputably provide a handsome payout in EXP and Adventure Rank, they often aren't the very first option for grinding due to their length and inflexibility, as just one main mission could be completed at any given time.


As an effect, despite being more engaging, gamers often gravitate to more repetitive tasks to farm points. Another selection for players to quickly gain EXP points in Genshin Impact is with the completion of domains. Repeatable dungeons frequently appear over the map for players to understand more about, and each has distinguishing features that separate it from its counterparts.


Domains give players a preview of rewards which range from Artifacts to Ascension materials, so gamers can determine if going with the dungeon may be worth the trouble beforehand. Unfortunately, Domains also need a fee of 20 Resin for players to gather their rewards, and spending the game's currency is counterproductive towards the grind because of how difficult it would be to refresh without in-app purchases.


Elden Ring and Genshin Impact are trailblazers from the RPG category, and both of them are still drawing swathes of recent gamers due to their immersive gameplay and innovative spins on grinding for materials. While Elden Ring places nearly all its grinding stock in repeated battles, Genshin Impact gives players a chance to understand more about the expansive realm of Teyvat. Despite their differing approaches, the reviews from fans and critics alike show both developers do something right.


Elden Ring can be obtained now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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