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Elder Scrolls Online 2023: Everything You Need To Know About Gates Of Oblivion Event!
Sep 28, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

ESO Gates of Oblivion event is a celebration of Blackwood chapter and a larger event. Players will unlock many new rewards by earning Blackwood Pathfinder achievement.

During this event, you will earn Event Tickets by completing Deadlands and Blackwood content. You can then use these Event Tickets to earn special rewards.

In this guide, we’ll explain how the event works and show you how to earn rewards and Event Tickets. Also, we will show you what these reward boxes contain, what goodies are waiting for us in Manager Shop and other fun moments from the event. Okay, let’s get started.

ESO 2023: Gates of Oblivion Event Guide

How To Start Gates Of Oblivion Event?

While some events in ESO require you to complete introductory missions before you can fully access the rewards offered by the event. But that’s not the case at Gates of Oblivion event.

You just need to complete daily tasks in Deadlands or Blackwood, and you will automatically receive rewards.

However, you can complete the optional introductory quest by navigating to “Events” section of Crown Store and grabbing Burdensome Beasts quest. This quest will introduce you to Gates of Oblivion event.

ESO 2023: Gates of Oblivion Event - Burdensome Beasts quest

Gates Of Oblivion Event Extra Rewards

When Gates of Oblivion event is active, all players will earn additional rewards in Deadlands and Blackwood zones in these ways:

  • Defeat World Bosses and Delve Bosses to receive additional drops
  • Additional rewards from resource nodes such as Ore Veins, Runestones and Plants
  • Additional rewards for daily tasks
  • Rockgrove boss bonus
  • Defeat bosses in Dread Cellar, Red Petal Bastion, Black Drake Villa, or Cauldron to receive additional rewards

Event Tickets

You can also earn Event Tickets during ESO’s Gates of Oblivion event. By completing any of the following tasks, you can get two Event Tickets after reset every day:

  • Complete daily quests or World Bosses in Blackwood
  • Complete daily quests or World Bosses in Deadlands
  • Complete Rockgrove’s weekly trials
  • Kill and loot the ultimate boss of the event dungeon


This year you can get 2 Glorious boxes and a bunch of purple boxes. They divide the boxes into two categories: zones and dungeons. For each variant, the first box is gold, and the subsequent boxes are purple. We can find zone boxes via:

  • Kill random enemies
  • Delves
  • World and Public dungeon bosses
  • Kill Oblivion portal bosses
  • Final Chest

These bosses, as well as dungeon and trial bosses, will drop additional loot during this event. Complete daily tasks in the event area. These missions will grant more ESO Gold.

We should note that the first Zone box obtained by killing World Bosses or Delve Bosses every day is Glorious box. Also, the first of the four dungeons’ final dungeon boss will provide a Glorious quality box. The ultimate boss of Veteran Dungeon drops two boxes.

If you can complete one of these tasks, you’ll get at least a Glorious and a regular box. Therefore, you can get two Glorious boxes per day, one from zone content and one from dungeon content. The other boxes will be purple.

These boxes can contain the following items:

  • Crafting materials
  • Saleable treasures
  • Style items for Gates of Oblivion overland
  • Companion gear
  • Furnishing recipes
  • Treasure Maps or Survey Reports
  • Motif chapters for Gates of Oblivion overland
  • Pages for the new Y’ffre’s Fallen-Wood Outfit Style

ESO: Impresario area map


Here is a map of the areas where you can find the Impresario. All 3 pet fragments will be available during the event, and two fragments of the mount will also be available. In addition, Impresario also provides Y’ffre’s Fallen-Wood Outfit Style Pages, with 5 Event Tickets per page.

You can find Impresario’s Assistant in any Impresario’s Tent. He sold three fragments for Mount, Instructions for Pet and Hide Shoulders.

ESO: Items sold by Indrik Vendor

Indrik Vendor

You can find Indrik Vendor near Belkarth in Craglorn. You can choose to use Event Tickets at Indrik Vendor to purchase various Indrik mounts and pets. During Gates of Oblivion, you can purchase the following items from Indrik Vendor:

  • All feathers for Nascent Indrik mount
  • All four berries required for Crimson Indrik mount
  • All four berries required for Pure-Snow Indrik mount
  • Frost-Light Indrik pet
  • Rosethorn Indrik pet

The above is the entire content of this Gates of Oblivion event. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand how the event works and get the rewards you’re looking for. Good luck!

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