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WOTLK Classic: Which One Is The Best Healer In Phase 4? - Healers Tier List
Sep 27, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

With Icecrown Citadel coming soon, we need to talk about which healers are best suited for Icecrown Citadel. This will ensure your team can withstand as much damage as possible. So let’s get into the last Phase 4 healer tier list guide.

Difference Between ToC And ICC

During my guild battles, I noticed some big differences between Trial of the Crusader and ICC. These differences are enough to shift the balance between healers. Before we talk about tier lists, we need to talk about them.

WOTLK Classic: Discover the Best Healers in Phase 4 - Healers Tier List

The first big difference is that almost every ICC battle is between four and six minutes. It’s a long 10 battles with more people taking damage and needing to replenish their energy.

If you play a healer struggling with mana, Trial of the Crusader will be much worse than ICC in these long battles. There are many situations where you can make a slight mistake and end up dead.

Therefore, investing more WOTLK Classic Gold in utility spells like Innervate, Rebirth, and Mana Tide Totem is more important than healing. Overall, ToC feels much more difficult than ICC, and the raids feel closer to Mythic raiding on Retail than the run-of-the-mill battles of years past.

WOTLK Classic ICC Heroic - 25 man battle duration

The second big difference is that your healing gear will suck going into ICC. Before, the recommended minimum item level for Icecrown Heroic bosses is 251. Most guilds will use gear between 240-250. So you end up having to treat more stuff over a longer period. Not only will your DPS be reduced, but your tank will also take more damage.

Meanwhile, this is truly the hardest raid in WOTLK Classic. Most guilds can’t even reach the goal in a few weeks, let alone kill Lich King to get new upgrades. This means we can only run the same ToC rig for the first month.

The third big change between ToC and ICC is that there is more action. Almost every battle has some kind of mechanic where you have to dodge a giant bouncing ball or run away from a ghost. This is undoubtedly more beneficial for specific healers like Discipline Priest and Holy Paladins than for classes that have to stand still.

Let’s get into the healer tier list. I will rank the healer from worst to best in B, A, and S tiers. You don’t have any C tier healers at this stage. At this stage, each healer has a role. It’s just that some healers share roles, or they play a larger role than others.

B Tier

Let’s start with B tier. We have Holy Priest, who has great survivability in Icecrown Citadel. You can immediately increase the healing rate by casting Prayer of Healing early and then casting Circle of Healing.

The Holy Priest is very good at using Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings. Because we can constantly send instant cast spells, giving us many opportunities to trigger it.

However, most guilds would never consider giving it to Holy Priest instead of Holy Paladin, Resto Druid, or Resto Shaman. Since they’re better in almost every way, it’s better for your team if one of them has it first.

WOTLK Classic: Restoration Shaman PvE Guide

A Tier

For A tier, we have Resto Shaman. Resto Shaman provides completely insane team healing in fights like the one with Sindragosa, and they scale better.

Resto Shaman is an outstanding user of Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, thanks to our excellent healing effects. As discussed earlier, we heal tanks while also using our Chain Heal for team healing, which provides incredible value.

Many guilds will choose to prioritize Resto Shaman after Holy Paladins and Resto Druids. Because they have better single target and group healing. When you get it, your healing effects will be significantly improved!

Next, we have Resto Druids. Resto Druids flourished for the first time in ICC, and the overall AOE healing effect was greatly enhanced. He now has a 6% increased healing effect team-wide, making team healing much easier.

Most guilds would consider Resto Druids to be their second best candidates for Val’anyr, behind Holy Paladins. This is thanks to the incredible AOE healing effects of Resto Druids. What’s more, Resto Druids can maintain healing during some longer boss fights.

WOTLK Classic: Discipline Priest

S Tier

For S tier, we will have to mention Discipline Priest. He has two immense advantages over all other healers in Phase 4. The first advantage is Lich King weapon, Val’anyr. Because Discipline is the only class without Val’anyr. This is a tremendous victory. You also get the highest stats in the game to date.

Plus, his shield scale and spell power are very good, and his ability to use Divine Hymn brings huge utility to the team. The only drawback to point out is that during long battles, your mana will take a hit. But it’s not a big problem.

Finally, Holy Paladins get even better in Phase 4 with new level 10 gear. Holy Paladins now have an eye-popping amount of healing, and it’s very common for them to max out.

With our incredible raw healing output, Holy Paladins are often the go-to candidate for a guild’s first Val’anyr. With Beacon of Light, we can continuously shield the main tank to reduce incoming damage and prevent sudden damage spikes or deaths. So if your guild is struggling with the occasional tank death issue, put Val’anyr in the hands of your Holy Paladins and watch your tank death issues disappear!

The above is my summary of the best healer tiers for Phase 4. Hopefully, this will help you bring a more suitable healer to your team. Good luck.

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