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Elder Scrolls Online: Follow These Tips To Find Your Permanent Ember Companion! - Unlock & Upgrade
Mar 22, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Companion system is a new addition to Elder Scrolls Online in 2021 with Blackwood Chapter. Companion system allows you to have non-player characters called companions to help you in your adventures. They can follow you into dungeons and play various roles while assisting in combat.

They also enjoy specific perks, with each Companion providing a benefit to your surroundings or items the moment you summon them.

Here, we will share a complete guide on how to help you get Ember as your trustworthy companion in Elder Scrolls Online. If you also want to upgrade your companion, don’t forget to prepare some ESO Gold. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Elder Scrolls Online: Follow These Tips To Find Your Permanent Ember Companion! - Unlock & Upgrade

Complete This Tower Full Of Trouble

To begin your journey to unlock Ember, you need to complete the mission, Tower Full of Trouble.

Find Ladlow Menant

To do this, head to Tor Draioch Wayshrine and find Ladlow Menant. He has a mission mark above his head and is ready for action.

The conversation with Ladlow Menant is quick, but he will provide some valuable information for the upcoming mission. Near the end of the conversation, Menant will direct you to Ember, Khajiit Sorcerer, located north of Wayshrine.

Elder Scrolls Online: How To Get Ember the Khajiit As A Companion?

Restore Cave Ward

Ember will explain that she needs help to restore Wards in the area. You can then follow the quest markers to restore Meadow Ward, Glade Ward, and Cave Ward in the nearby caves. You’ll encounter some weak enemies along the way, but nothing too challenging.

After restoring Cave Ward, talk to Ember again and she will share more information and ask you to head to the tower to investigate further.

Set Traps

Ember will then ask for your help to set up traps around the area. Follow the quest markers to find the backpacks with traps, place them at the designated location, and meet Ember at the shed.

Once you meet Ember, she will give you the magical Spoon of Undo, which can be used to turn four NPCs back into animals. Then, follow the quest markers to find Huldressa. Remember, appearances can be deceiving!

Get Mirrored Way

Now that the trap is set, Ember needs to obtain a specific book, Mirrored Way, from Arcane Library inside the tower. Go inside and pick up the book on the right side of the room.

Once you get it, talk to Ember. Ember will tell you that you need to go to the ritual circle southwest of the tower. Light Ritual Scones and defeat the mini-boss Windsorrow to complete Ember’s spell.

Kill Windsorrow

After defeating Windsorrow, return to the tower for one last meeting with Ember, and now you have your Companion!

By completing Tower Full of Trouble mission, you have unlocked Ember as your permanent companion in Elder Scrolls Online.

How To Upgrade Ember?

Now that we have Ember, it’s time to upgrade her!

Start by visiting your local armor store and buying at least three pieces of each type of armor. Armor Skill Lines can be unlocked once you equip Ember. You can then visit Weaponsmith and do the same thing to unlock Weapon Skill Lines. To unlock guild quests, you need to complete daily quests to level up each guild.

Elder Scrolls Online: How To Upgrade Ember?

Now that the skills are unlocked, you can customize the gear Ember wears to match your play style.

For me, I prefer Ember to be a Damage Dealer and immobilize these NPC groups through AoE.

For her weapons, I prefer Lightning Staff and Bow, as Lightning Staff provides more AoE damage, while Bow is great for single target combat.

For her armor, I prefer large pieces since it has Aggressive Trait. As for smaller pieces, I like Medium Armor because it increases the damage of the armor’s passive. If you don’t have access to Aggressive Trait, you can also use Quickened as it reduces the time between skills.

Now that Ember is ready, it’s time to level her up! You need 7 pieces of Training gear and Experience Scroll. When you’re ready, head to your favorite grinding spot. As Ember levels up, her skills automatically unlock, so there’s no need to earn Skill Points!

In short, come and explore the world with your Ember Companion. Until next time, joyous adventures!

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