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How Do You Select Your Last Epoch Class Using Your Zodiac Sign?
Mar 21, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Last Epoch offers 5 primary classes, each boasting 3 distinct masteries. With a total of 15 class types to choose from, players are presented with a diverse array of build styles. Feeling overwhelmed with the decision? Look to the stars for guidance!

Discover which class aligns best with your Zodiac sign in Last Epoch. With 12 signs and 15 classes, three remain unaligned. However, it's worth noting that all classes are worth exploring, even those not directly linked to a Zodiac sign. For better exploration, make sure you have enough Last Epoch Gold!

How Do You Select Your Last Epoch Class Using Your Zodiac Sign?

1. Aries - Beastmaster

Aries belongs to the Primalist class and is connected to the Beastmaster

This specific Primalist proficiency is excellent at controlling animals as allies, such bears or raptors. As the 'leader' of the Zodiac, Aries perfectly captures the essence of a leader directing obedient animals.

It comes naturally to those born under the sign of Aries to take the lead and act bravely. Using your monsters to take on any opponents in your path is a great method to harness these attributes.

2. Taurus - Runemaster

Taurus, symbolizing loyalty and stubbornness, resonates with the Runemaster mastery under the Mage class. 

The description of the Runemaster as someone who has tamed the raw power of arcane aligns with Taurus' patient and persistent nature.

3. Gemini - Lich

Gemini's adaptable and intelligent characteristics find resonance with the Lich mastery, part of the Acolyte class. 

The Lich mastery embodies life-stealing abilities and the transformation into a powerful undead entity, reflecting Gemini's multifaceted nature.

4. Cancer - Druid

Cancer's nurturing and caring qualities mirror the Druid mastery, belonging to the Primalist class. 

Just as Eterra, the god who created and protected the world, embodies comfort and care, Druids serve as conduits for her power, able to transform into various creatures to safeguard the world.

5. Leo - Paladin

Leo's courage and pride align perfectly with the Paladin mastery, part of the Sentinel class. 

Described as righteous warriors capable of healing allies and purging enemies with holy fire, Paladins resonate with Leo's bold and noble nature.

6. Virgo - Forge Guard

Virgo's penchant for perfectionism and practicality pairs well with the Forge Guard mastery, belonging to the Sentinel class. 

Known for their immense skill and dedication, Forge Guards epitomize the pursuit of perfection in combat mastery.

Last Epoch Classes

7. Libra - Falconer

Libra, symbolizing balance and charm, finds harmony with the Falconer mastery under the Rogue class. 

Balancing personal power with the prowess of a companion falcon, Falconers exemplify the equilibrium that Libras seek in all aspects of life.

8. Scorpio - Shaman

Scorpio's passionate and devoted nature resonates with the Shaman mastery within the Primalist class. 

Capable of controlling and shaping the weather like a living storm, Shamans reflect Scorpio's intensity and fervor.

9. Sagittarius - Necromancer

Sagittarius' spiritual and philosophical tendencies align with the Necromancer mastery under the Acolyte class. 

Proficient in manipulating spirits and raising the dead, Necromancers embody the depth of spirituality and intellect characteristic of Sagittariuses.

10. Capricorn - Void Knight

Void Knights, akin to Paladins infused with the essence of the Void, represent a relentless dedication that led them to embrace the Void wholly, transcending into something greater. 

In this light, Capricorns, known for their diligent work ethic and ambition, find a fitting counterpart in the Void Knight, whose journey symbolizes a trailblazing pursuit of excellence.

11. Aquarius - Spellblade

For Aquarians characterized by their innovative and progressive mindset, the Spellblade class offers a natural affinity. 

This mage melds magical prowess with martial skill, a testament to the Aquarian inclination toward creative synthesis. By blending seemingly disparate combat techniques, the Spellblade embodies the forward-thinking ethos of Aquarius.

12. Pisces - Bladedancer

Pisces, esteemed for their creativity and introspective nature, finds resonance with the Bladedancer class. 

Quiet yet deadly, the Bladedancer epitomizes the finesse and artistry inherent in Piscean temperament. With swift and lethal strikes executed from the shadows, the Bladedancer's graceful combat style mirrors the fluidity and depth of Piscean introspection.

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