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Genshin Impact 4.5: Is Arataki Itto Still Worth Trying After The Banner Returns?
Mar 20, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Arataki Itto’s banner returns in Genshin Impact 4.5 Phase 1, alongside Chiori’s debut banner. In this guide, we’ll delve into the updates regarding Itto’s artifact and weapon builds, explore new team compositions with the introduction of Furina, Xianyun, and Chiori, and assess whether Itto remains an interesting pull in the current meta.

Genshin Impact 4.5: Is Arataki Itto Still Worth Trying After The Banner Returns?

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Farming & Build

To add to its farming and build convenience, the addition of the Husk of Opulent Dreams to the strongbox is a significant update. The 4-piece husk is still his general best-in-slot, simply because it gives huge defense and Geo Damage Bonus that he fully utilizes. Before farming, it was considered quite inefficient since it’s paired with the Ocean-Hued Clam set.

There are a few healers who this is best on, but if you don’t fall under that criteria, then spending Original Resin on this domain and just getting all those Ocean-Hued Clam pieces is frustrating. At least now you can either farm that domain and just strongbox the bad pieces for the husk set to make your farming go way faster, or farm another domain while strongboxing the husk set.

Even with a new Geo set, the husk still remains better tailored for him. While there’s the Marechaussee Hunter, you would only really consider it if he’s paired with Furina, which further restricts his team comps because of her healer teammate necessity. So, I don’t really recommend it anymore. Basically, you’ll still just want to farm and strongbox the husk set for him.

Claymore Weapons

When it comes to the new Claymores, Arataki Itto hasn’t seen significant upgrades worth recommending over his previous best options. These typically include the Whiteblind or Blackcliff Slasher for free-to-play players, the Serpent Spine which is competitive but locked behind the battle pass, and the Redhorn which stands as his top choice.

Genshin Impact 4.5 Redhorn

There's room for alternatives like Skyward or Beacon if available. Since version 4.0, 2 free-to-play Claymores have been added: the craftable attack-focused Tidal Shadow, though not recommended over White Blind, which still falls short compared to White Blind. It's crucial to prioritize his energy recharge artifact substats or rely on battery teammates. Comparing battle pass weapons, the Serpent Spine remains the preferable choice over the Talking Stick.

As for 5-star additions, only the Verdict has been introduced, but its passive doesn’t synergize well with Itto’s kit, focusing solely on skill damage and attack. Sticking with the Redhorn is advisable for those seeking the best 5-star weapon for Itto. Essentially, Itto’s builds haven't seen significant changes lately, apart from quality of life improvements in artifact farming, streamlining the decision-making process for players.

Best Team Comp

In terms of team compositions, the optimal setup for Itto has traditionally been a triple or full Geo composition. However, there are niche variations within these templates, such as the viability of a double Geo team. Goro remains Itto's premier support, often inseparable from him in Geo-focused squads.

Maintaining the Geo resonance effect is crucial for the additional damage bonus and Geo resistance shred, making it imperative to include characters like Jani. While Jangi has long been the standard choice for enabling this effect, alternative elemental shielders can also serve this purpose. Integrating another element to facilitate crystallized reactions presents yet another viable option for team building around Itto. So, we need the help of the following 3 characters:

  • Chiori: In version 4.5, Chiori joins Itto's team as an off-field DPS. She enhances Itto's damage output and synergizes perfectly with his Geo constructs, granting her a Geo damage buff. For dedicated Itto players, seeking to maximize their potential, Chiori is an excellent addition.
  • Streamlining artifact farming becomes easier if you acquire both characters, given that one of Chiori's best sets is the husk set. However, pulling both Itto and Chiori might require a significant investment of Primogems. While these banners cater to die-hard Geo fans, there are alternative team compositions for Itto that don't necessitate Chiori's inclusion.
  • Furina: Furina's damage bonus buff greatly benefits Itto, and her Hydro application facilitates crystallize reactions, triggering the Geo resonance effect. However, Furina's HP drain poses challenges, particularly regarding healer requirements.
  • Xian Yun: Despite the mismatch, Xian Yun pairs well with Itto, enhancing plunge attack damage significantly. This playstyle shift emphasizes plunge attacks over normal and charged attack combos. Xian Yun's inclusion can maintain the triple Geo template and counteract Furina's HP drain with Furina's healing support.
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