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WOW Classic SOD: The New Runes To Be Introduced In Phase 3 Have Been Leaked! - New Warrior Runes Explained
Mar 19, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Although the exact date of WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3 has not yet been determined, some players have discovered some new runes for Phase 3 through data mining. Please note that it has not been officially confirmed whether these runes will appear in SoD Phase 3, and it is possible that they will be introduced in a later phase or not at all.

Here, we will talk about the new runes that may be coming to Warrior in Phase 3, and explain the corresponding passive effects or new spells they give the character. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

So far for Warrior, we will have 3 Bracer Runes and 3 Helm Runes. If you want to get all the new runes in Phase 3, preparing some WOW Classic SOD Gold in advance is essential.

WOW Classic SOD: The New Runes To Be Introduced In Phase 3 Have Been Leaked! - New Warrior Runes Explained


Starting with the first one, we have Engrave Bracers, Rampage. The warrior rampages, increasing attack power by 2% and granting the most successful melee attacks an additional 2% attack power. This effect stacks up to five times and lasts for 30 seconds.

This ability can only be used after landing a critical hit, so we seem to be seeing more of an increase in raw damage as rampage increases.

Sword And Board

For our second Bracer Rune, we have Sword and Board. When your Devastate and Revenge abilities deal damage, they have a 30% chance to refresh the cooldown of your Shield Slam ability and reduce its Rage cost by 100% for 5 seconds.

This is an interesting rune because if you’re running Devastate, you’re basically spamming Devastate, which will refresh your Shield Slam almost instantly. Now, this is going to make for some interesting gameplay, and it’s going to have a really cool synergy with Gladiator Stance.

Wrecking Crew

And then our third Bracer Rune, we have a Wrecking Crew. Your melee critical strikes enrage you, increasing all physical damage you deal by 10% for 12 seconds. This effect does not stack within Rage, so here is another damage-increasing rune for Warrior.

After seeing this, I do feel that Warrior needs to add something to change the way this class plays. I think all we’re seeing is a massive damage increase and Enrage for Warrior, but I think there could be a little more creativity here and adding something that changes up Warrior’s play style and makes PVP more fun.

All New Warrior Runes Coming in WoW SoD Phase 3

Shield Mastery

So let’s move on to Helm Runes. When you equip a shield, Shield Mastery increases all physical damage you deal by 10%. Also, it reduces the duration of all Disarm effects used by enemies on you by 50%.

This does not stack with other Disarm duration reduction effects. So if you combine Shield Mastery on Helm with Sword and Board on Bracer and do Devastate, you can create some really cool gameplay even in PVP.


Then our next Helm Rune is Vigilance. This focuses your protective gaze on party or raid members, reducing the damage they take by 3% and redirecting 10% of the threat they pose back to you.

Additionally, your taunt cooldown will refresh for the last 30 minutes each time they are attacked. This effect can only work on one target at a time, so this is a good tanking rune.

Taste For Blood

Finally, there’s a Taste for Blood. Whenever your Rend ability deals damage, your Overpower ability activates for 9 seconds or an attack, and this effect cannot occur more than once every 6 seconds.

This is a really fun rune that will definitely change your play style a lot. We know that Rend’s damage is super low, and no one is playing Rend in rotation, but when you use this rune, every time you cast Rend, it activates Overpower for 9 seconds and deals with damage. This could lead to some interesting gameplay and some different play styles. So I was excited to give this one a try, too.

These are all Warrior Runes that may appear in Phase 3. I would probably prefer to run Taste for Blood mixed with Wrecking Crew or Rampage. Which rune are you more interested in? But we’ll have to wait and see, anyway!

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