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Fallout 76: Many Rewards For Meat Weak Are Waiting For You In 2024
May 23, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Hello everyone. Meat week is back in a double helping has started on Tuesday the 21st of May. A t 12:00 p.m. EST and 5:00 p.m. GMT and running for 2 weeks until Tuesday the 4th of June 12:00 p.m. EST, 5:00 p.m. GMT.

This event is slightly different than others. As there are in fact two different events that run simultaneously throughout the double helping of meat week.

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Many Rewards For Meat Weak Are Waiting For You In Fallout 76

1. Major Event

The main event is titled Grahm’s meat-cook and takes place in the forest region of the map. South of Vault 76 and Northwest of Moonshine is Shack every hour on the hour. Completing this event earns your range of outfits and a ton of different plans with a whopping 18 new ones added for 2024. That I’ll cover shortly.

The second event is called Primal cuts. And although not important to complete, it is very useful. As you’ll earn prime meat on completion. That you can exchange for legendary scrip at Grahm’s meat cook event.

2. Fight With Creatures

Primal Cuts events will begin every 15 minutes. And it can appear in any three of the six regions of Appalachia simultaneously. So you’ll have a lot of chances to gain the additional scrip reward. The event is pretty simple: just head to an event location, bang on the drum at the center of the event to begin and then fight four waves of prime creatures.

The creatures vary based on the region where Wave 1 and 2 contain smaller creatures like wolves and Mongrels. Wave 3 has larger creatures assisted by smaller creatures and the final wave contains a boss supported by both large and small creatures.

The boss has a chance to be a legendary creature, and once it’s killed. The event will end the prime boss can be one of six creatures which will be dependent on the map region the event is played in. For example, a deathclaw in the forest region, Sheepsquatch for Ash Heap and Super Mutant Behemoth for Cranberry Bog. However, Primal Cuts events have one other unique aspect.

Every Prime variant will drop double their standard loot. So, for example, if a legendary Prime enemy is killed, it will drop two legendary items. If you’re wanting to farm this, it’s best to go to the event places that based between Cranberry Glade and the abandoned Bog Town.

As these, enemies will own giant loot inventories than most other creatures as standard. The standard reward from this event will be between 3 and 5 prime meat, 20 caps and 150 XP. The main event Grahm’s cook out is equally simple to complete.

It’ll start every hour on the hour and reward some of the most sought-after plans, including Pepper Shaker and Tenderizer weapons. Don’t forget that Grahm is also a vendor where you can sell unwanted items. Please note there is an additional plan for Chally‘s feed. That is only available during meat week from Grahm and can be useful for this event.

So take advantage of his fixed location to buy as many of these unique plans as you can afford. At the start of the event, Grahm will ask for help with the festivities where players will need to help with activities like picking greens, cleaning up Chally the Moo Moo and various other tasks.

The meter at the top of the screen will gradually fill with each task completed. The rewards at the end will be based on how full the meter is when the event ends. Don’t forget to deposit your prime meat from the Primal Cuts event of either the large cauldron.

Open grills or spit roasting to gain your legendary scrip reward. Please note that prime meat can only be donated in stacks of 5 and only 3 times per meat cook event. In exchange for your prime meat donation, you will be rewarded with five legendary scrip per donation. Max 15 scrip from 3 stacks of prime meat per event.

For every stack of prime meat you donate, you’ll also earn increasing effect buffs that last for 15 minutes.

One stack will give you mild meat sweats where taking damage will result in gasseous discharge and your hunger meter does not decay. Two stacks will give you meat sweats additional plus 15 Max HP.

Three Stacks will give you strong meat sweats, a 30 Max HP and an additional 5% Bonus XP gain.

3. Abundant Rewards

On completion of Grahm’s meat cook event, you’ll be rewarded with the following guaranteed rewards dependent on the performance.

  • 300-500 XP
  • 40-60 Caps
  • 3 Treasury Notes
  • 1-3 Meat Cleavers
  • 0-3 Legendary Cores Alcohol, Cooked Meat, Beer Stein & Stein display Stand Plans & Tato Salad.

Completing the event with the best performance, you’ll also receive a one-star legendary item. In addition, you’ll have the chance to receive some of the rare rewards, including 18 awesome new plans added to 2024.

The chance of the rare rewards is dependent on the event performance, but completing it at a bad performance will give you a much lower chance of a rare reward than the good performance or best performance.

However, with the addition of a considerable number of new rewards. Please bear in mind that this will considerably reduce the chance to receive any particular individual reward. The new rewards added for 2024 are the plans for a Fossilized Megalonyx Dinosaur skull, Torso, left leg, right leg, left arm and right arm.

These are all separate plans and there’s also a plan for a custom display rack to hold all these in place and display at your camp. This is a little strange, but I’ll be interested to see what it looks like and how big it is once all displayed. Moving on, we have the plans for something called a weenie wagon which once built at your Campo dispense canned dog.

4. Food Plans

Food plans for a set of two billboards, advertising Brahmin Flour, a cool-looking Wasteland Hunter backpack plan and 6 new plushy plans including a ground meat plushie and rotted variant, a steak plushie and rotted variant and a Rib plushie and Rotted Variant. There are two more plans that I don’t yet have images for.

One is called Nuka shank knife, and the other is the plan for swarm of flies which I’d imagine will work a little like Fluttering moths we had in Mothman Equinox.

The older plans are as follows: plans for Wilbur Mc Pig, Peppino Pig and punty pig plushies were added last time around. But are still some of my favorites. The remaining plans are a grocery Cart Grill, Meat Week Flag, a Brahmin Grill, a Plastic Fruit Bowl, Decoy Dunks, a Plastic Fruit wreath, a Bloody Rug, a Bloody Curtain Door, a Super Mutant and a Mutant Hand Diagrams Plans and a Mutant Hound Taxidermy figure.

The weapon plans dropped from this event are meat cleaver, flamer shishkebab, tenderizer and pepper shaker.

There are also three mods that drop for tenderizer peppered, salty and spicy. In my opinion, chally the moo-moo outfit and mask are a must for this event.

Tenderizer is a huge two-handed crude hammer made from a street pole and a beer keg and can also drop as the actual weapon as well as the plant craft it. Please note that this is a level 50 weapon and can’t be crafted at lower levels.

The mods available are the peppered mod, which adds a plus 25% damage, the salty mod which adds plus 20% damage, with a chance to and the spicy mob which adds energy damage. Tenderizer is also available for legendary crafting. So you can make this into an absolute beast.

Pepper shaker is a large rotary barrel machine shotgun, firing blasts of eight projectiles. It counts as both a shotgun and a heavy gun. So benefits from both of these perk trees. It’s available to craft from Level 35 with legendary crafting also available. There are four mods that can be applied to the barrel, two for the magazine and one for the scope.

The apparel that can be awarded from this event is a bloodied chef hat, a Grillmaster’s hat, a bloodied Chef outfit, Chally the moo-moo outfit, Chally the moo-moo mask and a complete the set, the plan for a Chally the moo-moo backpack Skin.

Please note that there are no plans I’m aware of for Chally the moo-moo outfit or mask. Although a clean version is sometimes available from Atomic Shop. And last but not least, we have the recipe of potato salad.

I hope this information has been helpful and you enjoy the event.

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