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WoW Cataclysm Classic: A Comprehensive Guide To This Throne Of The Tides Dungeon
May 28, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Throne of the Tides is one of the dungeons in WoW Cataclysm Classic, and it’s a pleasant change of pace from the fire and destruction of similar dungeons. There are some interesting boss encounters and valuable loot here. In this guide, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about playing through Throne of the Tides.


Like the area the dungeon is located in, Throne of the Tides’ unique underwater theme includes iconic enemies, like Naga and Faceless Ones. This, coupled with some impressive rewards, makes it well worth farming in the early stages of Cataclysm.

This dungeon is perfect for players at level 80 and above, and will play a big role in leveling up. Along with Blackrock Caverns, it should form the backbone of your early game dungeon runs.

How To Access Throne Of The Tides?

To access the area where Throne of the Tides is located, you’ll first need to have completed Vashj’ir questline. The questline begins with A Personal Summons quest, which can be completed by both Horde and Alliance. This requires players to speak with Farseer Krogar or Naraat in Orgrimmar or Stormwind, respectively.

From there, the entrance to the dungeon can be found northeast of Abyssal Depths, an area marked as Abyssal Breach on the player’s map.

WoW Cataclysm Classic: A Comprehensive Guide To This Throne Of The Tides Dungeon

Boss Encounter

Next, let’s talk about the four bosses you’ll encounter in Throne of the Tides, and how to defeat them.

Lady Naz’jar

Lady Naz’jar makes for a relatively easy start to the dungeon and allows team members to get into the swing of things.

Fungal Spores and Summon Geyser are the two major attacks of the boss. Players just need to pay attention to the cues on the ground, keep an eye out for Spores landing zones and Geysers spawn points, and avoid them. In fact, both are relatively easy to avoid.

Her other attack is Shock Blast, which should be interrupted whenever possible. But to deal with her last mechanic, teamwork is required. Because the boss will head to the center of the room and channel Waterspout, summoning Naga. We must control and destroy them as quickly as possible, as the overwhelming number will quickly lead to a total wipe.

Commander Ulthok

Commander Ulthok controls powerful void powers and dark magic and hits hard. Fortunately, his mechanics are fairly simple.

The first and biggest ability is Dark Fissure, which hits whoever is in front of the boss. Because of the preparation time, everyone in the team can avoid it. But it is also absolutely necessary to invest in WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold in your shield, otherwise you will die once you are not careful.

Another thing you need to pay attention to when avoiding Dark Fissure is Curse of Fatigue, which the boss will cast on random players. This is a significant slowing effect that is easy to catch, so it is useful to curse dispel or operate with caution when affected.

In addition, Ulthok will use Squeeze to randomly target players, reach out and grab the player, and then deal damage. This is usually impossible to avoid when in range, so healers must intervene to heal it.

The last attack is a relatively weak Enrage, but it can be eliminated or largely ignored by Hunters.

Erunak Stonespeaker & Mindbender Ghur’sha

This two-phase boss fight has players fight each enemy individually. When fighting Stonespeaker in the first phase, the main mechanic to watch out for is Earth Shards. These will target random players, and everyone should move out of the area of ​​effect to avoid the heavy damage it causes. Otherwise, this fight relies heavily on the initiative of healers and tanks.

When facing Mindbender in the second phase, players will need to turn the boss’s back to the team to prevent Magma Splash from damaging everyone. His other ability is Emberstrike, and once the tank is hit by this ability, healers will need to remove it as soon as possible.


With at least three phases, Ozumat can be a tricky fight for an underprepared team.

The first phase is mainly about killing some adds. There are three different types of adds that players need to face, and they are:

  • Deep Murloc Invaders: These can be burned quickly with most standard AoE rotations.
  • Vicious Mindlashers: When they are killed, the second phase of the fight will begin. CC is key here as they deal with significant damage.
  • Unyielding Behemoth: Most players will want to burn it as quickly as possible, but for those looking to get Prince of Tides achievement, Behemoth needs to be tanked until the third phase, at which point the team gains Tidal Surge buff.

Phase two is marked by the arrival of three Faceless Sappers. We just need to kill them to advance to the next phase. Fortunately, this is fairly easy. They will wander around the room, so you can take advantage of their slow speed and let your ranged DPS take care of the targets.

The crucial skill to watch out for here is Blight of Ozumat, where the giant Kraken will pump an inky substance into the room that deals significant Shadow damage to the team. So burn it as quickly as possible to avoid the stacked damage from not being able to heal.

These are all the tips you need to know to clear Throne of the Tides dungeon. Give it a try, and mastering this guide will make your adventure smoother!

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