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FFXIV: Which Minions Are The Hardest To Get?
May 30, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Final Fantasy XIV offers Warriors of Light a ton of collectibles, and one of the most popular ones is the minions. There are hundreds of minions in Eorzea right now, and some of them are hard to catch, which makes players want to explore. If you come across those hard-to-get minions and don’t know how to deal with them, then you must read this guide.

FFXIV: Which Minions Are The Hardest To Get?

10. Cerberus

  • Owned: 8% of player population (61,000+)
  • How to Obtain: PVP

Cerberus is recognized by FFXIV players as one of the coolest-looking minions, and ranks as the hardest to get minion in this guide. To get it, you need to defeat enemy players in Crystalline Conflict at least 300 times. This can be obtained not only in the official PVP mode but also in casual mode. Cerberus can be unlocked when you get"Mama Said Knock You Out III"achievement.

Everyone’s PVP prowess in FFXIV varies, but one thing that is common is that this quest takes quite a while. So make sure to set aside some time for Crystal Conflict quest.

9. Exciting Dynamite

  • Owned: 1% of player population (7,800+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Excitatron 6000

Treasure Maps are one of the best ways to get a lot of FFXIV Gil, as well as some rare treasures. Treasure packs will have crafting items, minions, and orchestrions waiting for you. Exciting Dynamite is one of the newer and rarer minions that drops in Excitatron 6000. It can be accessed through the level 90 Timeworn Kumbhiraskin maps.

FFXIV Items such as minions usually drop in map portals on deeper floors, most of which start from the third floor. However, these drops are very rare RNG, and you may need to walk dozens of maps to encounter one.

Timeworn Kumbhiraskin maps mentioned above can be obtained through Market Board, or collected from all open Endwalker areas with a level 90 Miner, Botanist, or Fisher. But remember that you can only collect one map of any type every 18 hours in the real world.

8. Shiromaru

  • Owned: 2.5% of player population (19,000+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Mount Rokkon

Some unique Variant and Criterion Dungeons in FFXIV have special treasures. If you are very lucky, these treasures will drop. One of these treasures is a cute Shiromaru minion. You can find a Shiba Inu dressed as a ninja at Mount Rokkon Variant Dungeon. That’s it.

Specifically, Shiromaru can be randomly dropped from treasure chests spawned on any path in any direction you walk throughout the dungeon. The probability of minions dropping in a Variant Dungeon or Criterion Dungeon is the same as the probability of dropping in a regular dungeon, which is 2%. This means that you will have to spend a long time walking every path in Mount Rokkon before you can see Shiromaru appear.

7. Penguin Prince

  • Owned: 2% of player population (9,000+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Lord of Verminion

Besides Hellpup, who is notoriously difficult to obtain, the other minion is Penguin Prince. Although he has a very cute name, he is locked behind the most annoying challenge in the whole FFXIV, Lord of Verminion. Of all the games available through Gold Saucer, Lord of Verminion is probably the most difficult one. Because this challenge requires many minions that you have already unlocked, it also means that you may do this challenge after collecting the remaining minions.

There is quite a lot of preparation before obtaining Penguin Prince. First you need to complete at least the second stage of Verminion challenge, and then you can register for Lord of Verminion tournament. After completing 4 Lord of Verminion tournaments, go to Minion Square to talk to Tournament Recordkeeper. It will give you an achievement “The Road of Verminion I”, and finally you can get the lovely Penguin Prince.

6. Chimpanzee (Faux Leaves Minions)

  • Owned: 0.8% of player population (6,500+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Faux Leaves currency from Unreal Trials

Chimpanzee is the newest minion to appear, but because of the difficulty of obtaining Faux Leaves, Chimpanzee and other minions that require Faux Leaves are rare. Chimpanzee requires 400 Faux Leaves to exchange, so even with good luck, it will take several weeks to obtain it.

If you want to own Faux Leaves, you must first complete Unreal Trial offered via Raid Finder. After completing Unreal Trial, you can then pass on your experience to Faux Commander, who will give you some Faux Hollows mini-games to play. If you succeed in the flip game, you will be awarded an additional Unreal Trial and a larger number of Faux Leaves.

You can only complete Unreal Trials twice a week until the missions refresh every Tuesday morning. Each refresh gives you two chances to play Faux Hollows mini-game. If you find this too time-consuming, you can spend FFXIV Gil to complete them, though it will be more expensive than usual.

5. Golden Beaver

  • Owned: 0.9% of player population (6,900+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah

Golden Beaver may look cute and shiny, but it’s still a rare minion that’s hard to get. It appears in Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah, which is accessed through a portal on level 80 Timeworn Zonureskin maps.

Lyhe Ghiah is a special instance of a multi-layer instance that’s different from a traditional multi-layer instance. In multi-layer instances, there are pairs of locked doors, but when multiple convocations are initiated in a single-layer instance, a roulette-style rotation will be triggered and a potential boss will be triggered. After defeating the potential boss, you’ll get a treasure. If you’re lucky enough to land on a golden placard, a special boss will be triggered that will drop Golden Beaver.

4. Wind-Up Philos & Aidoneus

  • Owned: 0.9% of player population (6,800+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Shifting Gymnasion Agonon

The reason for putting Wind-Up Philos and Aidoneus together is that they usually drop together in Shifting Gymnasion Agonon. In addition, Shifting Gymnasion Agonon is also a special instance that needs to be entered from the level 90 Timeworn Ophiotauroskin maps.

As with Shifting Oubliettes in Lyhe Ghiah just mentioned, the solution to Shifting Gymnasion Agonon is roughly the same. Players will fight the boss after initiating convocations on a single floor to obtain those treasure chests. If you are lucky enough to land on the golden placard, then you have a chance to get one or two Wind-Up Philos and Aidoneus at once.

3. Copycat Bulb

  • Owned: 1.2% of player population (9,800+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Gold Happy Bunny Lockbox in Eureka Pagos

Copycat Bulb is not only the hardest minion to get in the game, but it’s also one of the hardest rewards to get in Eureka. If you want to get Copycat Bulb, you’ll have to go to Pagos, which is considered by players to be the hardest area to level up, and is also the second island in Eureka.

Once there, you’ll need to complete an Elemental Conflict FATE and get a high enough rating, which will then summon a Happy Bunny and trigger a buff called Down "The Rabbit Hole". Note that this buff lasts for 15 minutes after you complete FATE. If you have enough Lucky Carrots for Happy Bunny, they will help you find some hidden treasure chests.

For those new to the game, Forbidden Land Eureka is an instanced open world zone with a Field Operations style gameplay. Through a separate upgrade system, players can work together to complete various activities in each zone and work together to earn a ton of rewards, including some unique Eureka gear and weapons.

2. Much-coveted Mora

  • Owned: 0.7% of player population (6,000+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Ocean Fishing

While many of the rare minions in this guide require a certain level of combat skill to obtain, the coveted Much-coveted Mora requires a more specific skill in ocean fishing. Not only do you need the best fishing rod and gear, but you also need to unlock the skill of Ocean Fishing.

So how do you unlock Ocean Fishing? Speak to Fhilsnoe in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks area and complete the level 1 quest “All the Fish in the Sea”. When it says you have completed the “My First Fishing Rod” quest, you have unlocked Ocean Fishing.

Once you have completed the above, go to Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks and join an Ocean Fishing adventure with 24 other players. The boat will start once every real-world hour, and you need to check in 15 minutes before.

You will earn points for completing each Ocean Fishing adventure. Once you have earned 1,000,000 points, you can redeem Much-coveted Mora. This is a time-consuming task that is usually only completed by the most dedicated Eorzean fisherfolk.

1. Shalloweye

  • Owned: 0.3% of player population (2,500+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Lord of Verminion

As mentioned in Penguin Prince introduction, Lord of Verminion is the most challenging game mode in Gold Saucer, so Shalloweye minion, which can only be obtained by winning 50 Lord of Verminion games, is the rarest minion in this guide. It has a unique appearance and only has one eye.

If you have the patience and someone willing to help you, there is a good way to help you get the Shalloweye minion. The first thing to know is that Lord of Verminion does not allow you and your friends to fight side by side, but you can be matched into the game at the same time and become opponents. Then both of you can achieve success in the game, resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome.

This may not sound as noble as directly defeating an unknown enemy player, but it is indeed the most effective way. When you get “A Load of Verminion II” achievement, you can get the rarest and most loyal minion in FFXIV.

After reading this guide, did you learn more about these ten minions that seem difficult to obtain? I hope you enjoy reading this guide and hope it can help you have a better gaming experience in FFXIV!

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