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Fallout 76: Which Archetype Build Is Worth Picking?
Jun 07, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Choosing the right attributes, build, and gear is a key aspect of any game’s gameplay, and this is no different for Fallout 76. Fallout 76 is a multiplayer game that lets players explore the wasteland and fight alongside friends in the heavily irradiated Appalachian Mountains.

Similar to other Fallout games, Fallout 76 uses SPECIAL system, which lets you upgrade various parts of your character by investing a total of 56 points into seven attributes: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.

In addition to these attribute points, cards also allow you to experience different ways of playing. You can invest and upgrade different cards that give you some extremely powerful bonuses at the highest level.

Whether you choose to adventure with other players or face the wasteland alone, you should have a build that best suits your play style. This article will show you six Archetypes so that you can choose the best attributes and cards to dominate the battles in the wasteland.

Fallout 76: Which Archetype Build Is Worth Picking?

1. Melee

Melee Warriors focus on using fists, swords, daggers, or other Melee weapons to deal most of their damage. If you invest in this build, your character will maximize their abilities in dangerous situations. Therefore, your SPECIAL attribute investment will be more in Strength and Endurance categories.

The most important cards for a Melee build are Blocker and Incisor in Strength category, which will help you shred armor while blocking attacks. To reduce the damage you receive, you can also spend action points to invest in upgrading Dodgy and Evasive in Agility Tree.

2. Commando

Fallout 76 Commando

Investing in Commando build allows you to use Automatic Assault Rifle. Investing in Perception and Luck will maximize your damage output, but this will make you a full Glass Cannon.

If you invest in Commando build, you should upgrade both Commando card and Master Commando card, which will increase your damage with Assault Rifle by 20%. You should also fully upgrade Adrenaline card in Agility Tree, as this allows you to deal up to 60% more damage after killing an enemy.

Since Commando uses Automatic Assault Rifle, it will consume your ammunition quickly, and you will need to craft or get a lot of ammunition before long journeys. If you need more ammunition, Fallout 76 Items will help you.

3. Shotgunner

Investing in a Shotgunner build will allow you to engage enemies at close range without using Melee weapons. To easily take down enemies in VATS, most Shotgunners invest their Perks into Agility and Intelligence attributes.

Meanwhile, Strength Tree gives Shotgunner some extra protection. There are many cards in the Strength Tree, such as Shotgunner, Expert Shotgunner, and Master Shotgunner. Since these cards all increase the damage of Shotgun by 20%, you will want to invest in them.

In addition, to make your Shotgun knock back enemies more consistently, you can upgrade Enforcer card in Agility.

4. Rifleman

Fallout 76 Rifleman

If you choose Rifleman build, you will want to invest most of your stat points into Perception category. Because even though Rifleman can one-shot enemies with a Long-ranged weapon, it is also vulnerable to damage.

By upgrading Rifleman, Expert Rifleman, and Master Rifleman, you can increase the damage of Rifle by a total of 60%. Fully upgrading Covert Operative card in Agility Tree can increase the damage of your stealthy ranged attacks by 50%, after all, you are attacking from a distance.

It can be said that with these upgrades, you will be able to kill almost any enemy in the game with one shot, as long as you remain undetected.

5. Stealth

Investing in a Stealth build will allow you to quietly eliminate enemies with a few rapid shots without letting other enemies notice your presence.

If you choose to complete Stealth build, you will want to invest most of your stat points into Agility and Luck, as well as a silenced weapon (usually a Pistol).

Sneak and Ninja Perks allow you to enter Stealth faster and deal up to 90% more damage with Stealth attacks. It can be said that the core of Stealth build. In addition, in order to increase the range of Pistol by 30%, you should also Crack Shot card.

6. Heavy Gunner

Fallout 76 Heavy Gunner

Usually, Heavy Gunners serve as designated tanks when fighting in a team with other players. They increase Strength by wearing Power Armor. In addition, they will sacrifice Endurance to gain more damage to meet their low health play style, so they need to invest most of their attribute points in Endurance.

Since you invest the most points in Strength Tree, you should focus on upgrading all three Heavy Gunner cards. These upgrades will increase your damage with heavy weapons by 60%.

In addition, considering that most heavy weapons have a very fast rate of fire, Stagger phenomenon is very likely to occur. However, One Gun Army card can increase Stagger time of your heavy weapons by 12%.

By understanding these Archetypes, you can choose the build that best suits your play style. And choose the best attributes and cards to upgrade, prepare for your battles and travels, and enrich your gaming experience!

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