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Fallout 76: The 6 Best Items You Can’t Miss In The Latest Minerva’s Big Sale!
Jun 11, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Minerva is back! As always, she’s bringing some really nice items to Fort Atlas between June 10th and June 12th. Once you reach Atlas, turn left and walk past the truck, and that’s where she’s located.

Just a quick reminder, my server is operating on US Eastern Time, so you may have to wait a while. Try after Daily Challenges reset and you’ll find Minerva there. So let’s briefly discuss Fallout 76 items she’s selling. As usual, I’ll start from best to worst.

Fallout 76: The 6 Best Items You Can’t Miss In The Latest Minerva’s Big Sale!

6. Secret Service Jetpack

If you’ve acquired Secret Service chest piece in the past few weeks, this is the utility mod you’re looking for.

Jetpack lets you fly for a while by consuming Action Points, so it’s particularly useful for low health players with a full Unyielding Set.

Bird Bones and Marsupial mutations also let you stay airborne for longer. And you can refresh your Action Points while moving and fly longer.

Unfortunately, no matter how many AP you have, the game forces you to land after a while. Because gravity gets stronger for some reason, you eventually lose all your forward momentum. So how long you can fly is not just based on how many Action Points you have.

It’s worth noting that people have been using Spike Traps to get more forward momentum and fly across the map. If you’re out playing Power Armor, this is an absolute must-have.

However, one problem new players will run into after acquiring the plan is that you need Cobalt Flux and Violet Flux to make Jetpack. Unfortunately, making a stable Flux is a bit complicated, especially Cobalt Flux, which requires dedicated farming.

Fallout 76 Secret Service Jetpack

5. Stealth Armor

Stealth Armor is a set of gear that makes you invisible when you crouch. Unfortunately, since it’s armor, this means you lose all the benefits of legendary pieces and everything your Underarmor gives you.

It makes you harder to detect, but there are some limitations. So you shouldn’t expect to just roam around enemies undetected.

A side benefit is that it has a hidden 98% radiation reduction and a huge radiation resistance rating. So it’s like an advanced version of Hazmat suit. This makes it our top choice when entering nuke zones. It also protects you if you happen to go swimming.

On top of that, it’s best suited for a Stealth Sniper build, helping us use powerful silenced weapons to eliminate enemies from a distance while focusing on staying stealthy.

The downside is that enemies in Fallout 76 have group detection, so if you get into danger with one enemy, the rest of them will automatically turn hostile as well.

Overall, it’s definitely feasible to use it to eliminate a group of enemies one by one. Also, Flamer is technically a “silent” weapon, and it can have great synergy with Stealth Armor if you don’t mind the bursts of very bright flames.

But I have to say, this is not something you have to get at this point. The reason I say this is that as part of Gold Vault raid questline, you get a Stealth Suit and its plans.

If you haven’t already, make sure you complete all the preparatory quests for both sides, and by doing so, you’ll get Stealth Suit from Foundation quest. This means you won’t have to waste your gold any more.

Even though you can only do the actual Gold Vault raid with one side, all the quests before that can be done with both sides, so make sure you do so and get the most out of it.

Fallout 76 Stealth Armor

4. Chicken Coop

Next, let me stress here that the helmet is purely cosmetic. So, unless you’re really eager to complete this look, don’t get the helmet. Therefore, Chicken Coop isn’t something you have to have either.

Chicken Coop can produce quite a bit of fertilizer, up to 10 copies. This means you’ll get 10 copies every 20 minutes or so. Not only is this useful for people who grow crops frequently, it’s also a must-have for people who make a lot of explosives like Grenades or Dynamite.

3. Gauntlet

Gauntlet is an Unarmed weapon that requires Legendary Modules to craft, but you gain random legendary properties.

By default, it’s a bleeding weapon, but you can also try plans for an energy mod. It plays very similarly to Power Fist, but with different legendary properties. They have the same speed rating and you can do all the same attacks.

Obviously, it’s not a terrible weapon, and it’s not too expensive if you want to try something new. But I have a hard time recommending it when you can already get a Power Fist.

2. Cryo & Plasma Cutter Mod

During this Minerva’s Big Sale, you can try Cryo mod and Plasma Cutter mod. Cryo mod has a larger and longer slowdown than most Cryo Weapons, so you should be able to keep enemies frozen, even if the weapon is a slow-swinging melee weapon.

Most enemies lack Cryo resistance, so swapping physical damage for Cryo damage is more effective against stronger enemies. Like all other War Glaive mods, Cryo mod is effective in combat, and you can kill enemies with two shots or a headshot.

Plasma Cutter mod gives you an energy component instead of pure physical damage. One minor quirk with this weapon is that it has different animations than the other Glaive mods. It has no gameplay effects, but is still a very effective weapon overall. I would recommend skipping it though, as the new Skyline Valley update will give you a similar weapon for free.

1. T-65 Power Armor Mod

T-65 Overdrive Servos on the legs allow you to Sprint faster for more Action Points. However, there is a cap on sprint speed, and if you have Speed ​​Demon mutation, you will not get any benefit from this mod.

Frankly, everyone should get Speed ​​Demon mutation. The reload speed bonus alone makes it a must-have mutation.

Torso Medic Pump mod is not bad if you play at full health. It automatically applies Stimpak if you drop below 50% of your max health. In that sense, it works like Born Survivor perk and Auto Stim legendary effect. One quirk, though, is that it does not work with sustained damage. So if you think it will save you from getting burned by a Cremator, think again.

It will work with normal damage, but the damage will need to be healed manually over time. While there is a delay in healing, it is very minor.

Fallout 76 T-65 Power Armor Mod

I have to say that for players with full health, it can be useful. But for players with low health, Emergency Protocols mod is better, as it is better to reduce the damage taken than to heal damage.

Stealth Boy mod gives you camouflage while crouching, but it is broken when you move, so it is not as useful as Stealth Suit. The biggest downside is that it consumes your Action Points even if you are not moving. In Power Armor, this means you are losing fusion core power every second.

Frankly speaking, if you use T-65, you should focus on shredding enemies instead of hiding from them. If you like stealth, then Stealth Suit is a better choice.

These are the 6 most worthwhile items in this Minerva’s Big Sale that you should invest in, and they may help your build go further!

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