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Elden Ring: Moonveil Katana - Where To Find, How To Get & What It Does?
Jun 13, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Moonveil Katana is a powerful and interesting weapon that will appeal to players who like to stack Intelligence stat. Thanks to its solid base Intelligence scaling, players who like to use sorceries will have a reliable melee weapon that can deal with extra damage when their FP is low.

Acquiring Moonveil Katana can be quite difficult for players who have never gotten their hands on it. And in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC that will be released on June 21, new and old players are looking forward to whether the Moonveil Katana will be added or modified?

It is located in a tough area for players and is guarded by a very powerful boss that makes it difficult to get close to it. This guide will cover the specific location of the Moonveil Katana and what you should do to get it.

Elden Ring: Moonveil Katana - Where To Find, How To Get & What It Does?

As of right now, Moonveil Katana is arguably one of the most powerful samurai swords in Elden Ring. There is only one way to get Moonveil Katana, and that is to go to Caelid, enter Caelid side of Gael Tunnel, and defeat a dungeon’s end boss named Magma Wyrm. The specific location and required items will be answered one by one below.

Where To Find Moonveil Katana?

To obtain Moonveil Katana, players first need to head to the edge of Caelid, where the infested zone meets the jungle-covered Limgrave. If you follow the navigation on the map, you will encounter two Radahn guards. They carry large tower shields, and players have two options: one is to charge them head-on, and the other is to follow the path into the nearby Gael Tunnel to avoid them.

It should be noted that Site of Grace in this area is located at the bottom of the shaft you enter, so you need to enter very carefully, otherwise you will fall and your health will be greatly damaged.

The easiest way to enter Site of Grace is by defeating the two guards at the entrance to Gael Tunnel and then slowly descending to the bottom of the mine, using the small ledges on the wall. You should be able to jump from one ledge to the other easily, as they are very large and easy to grab. Once you enter Site of Grace, venture into Gael Tunnel and head towards the room at the bottom.

There are quite a few miners in this area, which are difficult to defeat with traditional weapons, and even more difficult if you carry the attributes of Dexterity and Intelligence. Because lighter melee weapons have a hard time breaking through their hardened exterior, two-handed weapons and heavy blunt weapons can easily cause damage.

There are also numerous Radahns Guards in this area who have a variety of weapons. You need to be careful of their attacks or you will be incapacitated.

If you get tired of fighting, you can simply choose to run forward and run down the slope into a nearby tunnel. There is a ladder in the room. After reaching the bottom of the ladder, you can go through the corridor and enter a large room with two large wooden doors on the right and a small wooden door in front of you.

Here comes the point! Do not touch the enormous doors on the right, they will automatically trigger the boss station for you. You should carefully go through the small door in front of you to unlock the second Site of Grace located outside the room.

How To Defeat Magma Wyrm?

Entering Site of Grace is only the first step to get Moonveil Katana. You also need to fight the menacing Magma Wyrm. This huge and powerful boss wields a big sword and can spit lava from its mouth. It is very fast and aggressive, and to make matters worse, you have to fight it in a fairly small boss arena.

Besides this, it has a series of punishing attacks that can sap health without you noticing. If you get close to it, you will fall victim to its spinning slash attack, which covers a large area around Magma Wyrm. This damage can be fatal if you are not in full health.

It can also raise and slam its enormous sword, causing a shockwave attack to those who are not prepared, causing huge AOE damage.

It will also raise its abnormally gigantic sword, causing huge AOE damage. The most unbearable attack is the lava that sprays from its mouth, which can not only cover a large area of ​​the ground, making it impossible for players to get close to it, but also cause a lot of damage.

Sometimes it will also enrage, causing it to run around the entire arena and spray lava in all directions. Once you are cornered by it, this can be very dangerous, so be sure to avoid being squeezed into a corner.

Although Magma Wyrm is very durable and has a lot of health, it is more vulnerable to magic attacks, making it a prime target for players who use magic. If you’re a melee player, you’ll want to apply Magic Grease to your weapons before the fight to increase your power.

It’s great to have any fire resistance, as a fire-resistant talisman can save your life if you accidentally step on lava while dodging or running.

Back to the point, to defeat Magma Wyrm, you should try to stay to the side or back of it, and avoid its mouth as much as possible. This mainly puts you in a better position to dodge the incoming lava, and you have a chance to escape before it starts enrage.

The two skills you need to watch out for are the sweep attack and the downward smash. The sweep has a slight electric wave when used, and the Magma Wyrm will use this as a signal to start winding up. Dodging too early can cause you to get seriously injured, so you need some practice to get the timing right.

The other downward smash is a little harder to prepare, and the gap is much shorter. If the you see Magma Wyrm raising its front face, you should deck as soon as possible, otherwise you will be hit by Greatsword and the incoming shock wave.

Because of its speed and powerful attacks, the best strategy is to just run in and attack its sides and back, then get out of the way before it swings. Patience will help you out when you’re not familiar with these maneuvers. Defeating Magma Wyrm will reward you with 7500 Elden Ring Runes, a Dragon Heart, and Moonveil Katana.

What Does Moonveil Katana Do?

Moonveil Katana is a magnificent weapon for players with a high Intelligence stat score. Its base level interacts with Intelligence to create a powerful melee weapon for those who primarily use magic.

Moonveil Katana’s ability lets you choose between a normal attack or a heavy attack, both of which create a white flash. It looks interesting, and if you use the right build, it can potentially do a lot more damage.

To use Moonveil Katana effectively, you’ll need to have 12 Strength, 18 Dexterity, and 23 Intelligence. Besides this, its passive ability also increases blood loss, causing additional burst damage.

After introducing Moonveil Katana, do you know more about this mysterious weapon? But don’t worry that it will be difficult to defeat Magma Wyrm. Be sure to be prepared. I wish you a merry game in the upcoming Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC!

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