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Genshin Impact 1.6 Update: Release Date, Kazuha Banner, and More

Source: MMOWTS

Genshin Impact 1.6 is coming soon, and many players can't wait to know about the latest content and when it will be available.

Release Date

On Wednesday, June 9, the patch will be launched first in Asia, and then in North America after 4 pm, which is based on the past times.

Kazuha & Klee

But this is not the time for the new banner of 5-star Kazuha to appear. This Anemo swordsman is saved for the second banner, maybe two weeks later, and Klee will return to her first reprisal banner, which will be released with this update.

More events

Midsummer Island Adventure

This is the main content of this update. In fact, it will be a series of new islands. The story quest to take us will also allow us to sneak to Beidou's pirate crew.

Once you reach the islands, you will have a boat full of Klee bombs that can travel between the islands and launch firebombs at the enemies.

Character skins

In 1.6, Genshin Impact also launched the character skin for the first time. As part of the event, you will get Barbara's new summer skin, but you will need to pay for Jean's new look.

New world boss

There will be a new world boss in the game, a huge samurai named Maguu Kenhi, this may be part of the Archon story quest, after which you can fight again.

New weapons

Currently, we know that there will be two new weapons, Freedom-Sword, which is Kazuha's 5-star weapon.

Mitternachts Waltz, a 4-star bow. In addition, there are more that have not been confirmed. We will not know more details until the 1.6 version is released.

Serenitea Pot

There are many more updates to the Serenitea Pot system, the most urgent of which includes a higher load limit, you will be able to make your home more elaborate.

Now, this is almost the main event and content in 1.6. If Mihoyo releases more related news later, MMOWTS will also update it in time to let players know. And MMOWTS will always pay attention to the hot topics discussed by the players and give corresponding ideas or guides.

In addition, almost all hero accounts in the game are available in MMOWTS. Because some rare 5-star heroes are difficult to obtain in the game, you not only need to spend a lot of Primogem, but also need to have enough luck, which seems to be a waste of time, so it seems that it is better to buy Genshin Impact Accounts from MMOWTS.

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