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Genshin Impact: 2.2 Update Will Introduce New Big Changes

Genshin Impact introduced some additional changes in the 2.2 Update. Although this new update is not as intense as 2.0 and 2.1, it will still introduce some new content and some quality of life fixes for players to enjoy.

One of the biggest things about Genshin Impact is Tsurumi Island, which is the last island of Inazuma. This abandoned mysterious island is home to a new enemy type - Rifthounds and Rifthound Whelps. These enemies are threatening because they will disappear in battle and reappear on the battlefield. Their attacks will also have a corrosive effect on the entire team, no matter what the shield is.

The 2.2 update will also introduce Thoma as a new playable character, and bring back Tartaglia and Hu Tao as limited five-star characters, and bring 4 new weapons, including a five-star bow. When they are available in the game, you can come to GAMEMS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with 5-star heroes and weapons.

The new Inazuma layout and Inazuma-style furniture will appear in Update 2.2. You can unlock the layout at Favor Level 40 of Sacred Sakura, find furniture blueprints in the new Remarkable chests around Tsurumi Island, and various quests.

Mihoyo also said that the furniture can play music, which is always required by players. Although it is unlikely to appear in 2.2, the Photo Frame furniture that can be hung on Serenitea Pro may also appear after the 2.2 Update.

Changes appearing in 2.2 Update

One of the most immediate changes is the Hangout events, which will return with Thoma and Sayu in 2.2. Hangout events have multiple endings, you can unlock all endings by replaying, but before 2.2, there is no mark of what you previously selected. With this new update, these choices will be saved, making the replay of Hangouts smoother.

With the new update, Genshin Impact’s quality of life has undergone some changes, including the increase in artifact inventory capacity to 1500. Inazuma’s transport commission will also be increased because the move speed and HP of the transported goods will get increased.

A problem will also be fixed, that is, when the game is paused, the enemy's attack cooling time does not stop. The game will pause as expected after the update. This also applies to enemy attack durations with similar problems, which may cause them to enter a new attack immediately after the game was unpaused.

The visual interference of bow characters using the Aiming Mode will be reduced, and the overzealous brightness of Raiden Shogun’s Chakra Desiderate will be reduced to a more reasonable level.

Now that the 2.2 Update is available, MMOWTS will also provide corresponding game guidance in the future. If a quest is difficult to complete, MMOWTS will also provide solutions.

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