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Genshin Impact: 'Christmas Cult' Phenomena Has Appeared Ahead Of The 2.3 Update

Genshin Impact 2.3 is coming soon, but now a new phenomenon in the community has emerged - Christmas Cult. With the 2.3 update approach, players have already felt the Christmas atmosphere before the update, which is reasonable. MMOWTS will detail the information about Christmas Cult and its relationship with the 2.3 update.

What’s Christmas Cult?

Christmas Cult appears in the Genshin Impact Tik Tok community. Players keep their characters in Dragonspine with Christmas hats as their profile pictures. This is consistent with the trend of players having characters that are similar to McDonald's employees.

In Genshin Impact, major characters such as Zhongli and Raiden Shogun have appeared as Christmas-themed, as well as new heroes like Scaramouche.

The Genshin Impact 2.3 update will introduce the Dragonspine winter area and the Shadows Amidst the Snowstorm event, where players can create snowmen.

We don’t know where Tik Tok’s Christmas Cult takes over, but it has gained a lot of traction in the Genshin Impact community.

2.3 The update will be released on November 24. As part of the live stream of the new update, several new elements have also been revealed. Fans are excited to jump into the upcoming "Winter" update of the game.

It’s been a long time since the debut of Genshin Impact, but Mihoyo still maintains regular updates and always brings new content to players. MMOWTS is also a legit game service website, we will always launch Genshin Impact Accounts immediately after the introduction of new heroes in every update. Because in the game, the pull rate of 5-star heroes is very low, so over time, many players are more willing to choose to buy the heroes they want, which not only saves time but also saves Primogems.

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