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Genshin Impact Guide: More Details About Five Flushes Of Fortune Event
Feb 03, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Finally, the long-awaited day has come. The 1.3 version has been officially launched, because many players have already shown off their Xiao. To be honest, so jealous of them.

But in addition to the new role of Xiao, version 1.3 also brings more new content. The Five Flushes of Fortune event is about to begin. During February 3-10, you can take Kameras and find the correct pictures, and you will be able to get different rewards. If you capture the correct subjects, this will trigger the correct color photos, and you will get Primogems, Hero’s Wits, Mora, and Mystic Enhancement Ores. You can even cooperate with other players.

Of course, if you want to start this event, you need to meet certain conditions. If your Adventure Rank reaches 20 and you have finished the Kurious Kamera quest from Ji Tong in Liyue, then you can start taking pictures. You need to focus on specific colors, take pictures in places with certain main colors, and then give them to Ji Tong. You can take 10 photos per day and you can keep 50 photos.

In addition to taking photos together, you can also share photos with your friends. Therefore, if you and your friend have photos that each other needs, you can do "Photo Swap" so that both of you can complete the event more easily. Finally, this quest will lead to a new gadget. Currently, you only have a standard Kamera in-game. After this event is over, there will be a new quest - Perfect Shot. After completing it, you will get an extra Kamera.

More new events will be waiting for you in Genshin Impact, so in the coming days, Genshin Impact fans will be busy again, MMOWTS will also follow the trend and update the details of related events in time, so from now on, you can pay more attention to the news section of MMOWTS.

If you fail to get Xiao in the game, you can come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with Xiao.

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