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Genshin Impact Guide: The Tips And Tricks To Defeat Abyss Herald

Source: MMOWTS

Genshin Impact 1.4 released the new story quest - We Will Be Reunited. A new enemy appears in this quest, called Abyss Herald. You will face it on three different occasions.

In order to obtain missions and new enemies, your Adventure Rank needs to hit 36 and you have completed the Bough Keeper: Dainsleif, and the first story chapter of Razor.

Although Abyss Herald is more ferocious than Abyss Mages, as long as you use the right tactics, you can easily defeat him. In each battle, he will become stronger and even call other enemies to help him in the battle.

Where to find the Abyss Herald?

* End of Call of the Abyss Domain

* Wolvendom in Boreas Arena

* Second Entry of Call of the Abyss Domain

Before entering Wolvedom, you need to stock up enough food.

The Abyss Herald’s Abilities

In each battle, Abyss Herald will have almost the same abilities, but on the second and third encounters with him, he will summon other enemies to join the battle.

* 3-Sweep Combo: Performs three hydro blade slashes.

* Annihilation: Sends out a cross-shaped hydro attack.

* Decimate: Summons a hydro blade to send flying towards the player.

* Hydro-Shield: Creates a hydro shield to help absorb damage.

* Abyssal Roar: Attacks with consecutive spinning attacks up to four times back-to-back. During this period he will dash through the air towards you.

* The End is Nigh: Summons hydro blades and sends them out in eight different directions. During the time this attack is charging, he will perform melee slashes in all directions.

Abyss Herald encounter variations

* First Fight: No extra enemies. You need to knock off 3/4 of the health bar.

* Second Fight: A Cryo and Electro Hilichurl archer will come and assist him. His Hydro shield will be used, you need to drain the shield to win the battle.

* Third Fight: A Pyro and Yydro Abyss Mage will come and help him. You need to destroy his shield and deplete his health.

Fight Tips

The Abyss Herald is a Hydro enemy, so you need to keep as far away from him as possible and use a cryo bow-user to deal with him. Ganyu is the best choice.

Make sure that there are heroes in your team that cause elemental reactions. The Abyss Herald can be frozen, so based on this, you can use close-range cryo characters such as Kaeya, Chongyun or Rosaria. In addition, Qiqi is also a good choice, because her elemental skills can freeze Abyss Herald and provide healing.

There are also some suitable characters for use in combat:











When Abyss Herald attacks you, he always moves his arm right. He also has a tendency to shout out what kind of attacks he is using. When you hear these calls, you will know when to evade.

In the second and third battles, you need to solve his helper as soon as possible to avoid extra damage.

As for the heroes you need in the battle, if you don’t have Ganyu, you can come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with Ganyu. Now the price of Genshin Impact Accounts on MMOWTS is very reasonable, because Ganyu is still very popular, so buying as soon as possible is a wise decision.

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