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Genshin Impact: How To Get 100% Collection Progress In Moonlight Seeker?

If you just started the Genshin Impact Moonlight Seeker event, you might be wondering where to find all the Moonchase Charms and Mystmoon Chests required for 100% completion. MMOWTS will give detailed instructions.

This event started on September 27th and will last until October 11th, and it has multiple stages. The ‘Path of Stalwart Stone’ is now available, and players can also get a beautiful Claymore weapon as a reward.

How to start the Moonlight Seeker event?

To start this event, you need to have an Adventure Rank of 28 or higher, and complete ‘Chapter 1: Act 3-A New Star Approaches’ and ‘Trulla Chapter: Act 1-Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip’.

After these two quests are completed, you can continue ‘Moonlight Merriment: Part 1’ and ‘The Many Matters of the Moonchase Festival’, and then you can start by talking to Linyang in Liyue Harbor.

How to get 100% collection progress?

The mission of the Moonlight Seeker event is to collect Moonchase Charms and Mystmoon chests in a specific area. Three paths are available.

Chat with Linyang every day, you will know their locations, or you can check the picture below.

Although you can only get Moonchase Charms, pay attention to the Mystmoon Chests, because when you get close to them, they will spawn enemies and you need to defeat them to get the items.

How to get the Luxurious Sea-Lord weapon?

After completing the part of this event, you will not only get Mora, Primogems, and other items, but you will also get the Luxurious Sea-Lord weapon. This is a 4-star claymore.

MMOWTS will always pay attention to the new content that appears in the game and update the corresponding game guidance to help players complete the quests more smoothly. And if you need, you can come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts at any time. You can find almost all the 5-star heroes and weapons in the game here, so if you desperately need them, it is the best way to buy them from MMOTWS.

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