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Genshin Impact: More Info About The New Character - Thoma

Players may have seen Thomas in Genshin Impact 2.0, so they have a certain understanding of him. He can be said to be outstanding in martial arts. Now MMOWTS collected his related information, so based on the players’ curiosity, we will introduce him in detail.

Thoma’s basic info

Thoma is a 4-star hero and a polearm user. Although he is only a 4-star hero, he has attracted much attention from fans. One of the reasons seems to be his good looks. But as he started his moveset in the game, this also attracted more fans.

Thoma will make a special miso soup - Warmth, which restores more HP than ordinary miso soup. Knowing his preference for hot pot, we speculate that he might add strange things to the miso soup. When you go fishing with him, you have a 20% chance of receiving the second fish in a pull.

Thoma combat abilities

Thoma can deal with multiple enemies at the same time, and he uses shields to protect himself and his allies.

Elemental Skill - Blazing Blessing

The tip of his spear is a pointer to channel the flames, which can cause AOE pyro damage and unleash a defensive Blazing Barrier. When the moment starts, the elemental burst will apply Pyro to Thoma.

Elemental Burst - Crimson Ooyoroi

Thoma will spin his spear, pierce the enemy with roaring fires, deal AOE Pyro damage, and weave themself into a Scorching Ooyoroi.

Elemental Burst Effect - Scorching Ooyoroi

Normal attacks from a character affected by Scorching Ooyori will trigger fiery collapses, dealing AOE Pyro damage and summoning Blazing Barriers.

Thoma is a good addition to the team, he can not only provide support, but also attack with a strong shield.

When will the Thoma banner appear?

Thoma will appear in the second limited-time event banner in the first week of November. In his first banner, he appears with Hu Tao.

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